Top 30 Fool Quotes to Identify and Deal With Fools Around You

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There is a thin line between being a fool and being wise. While we try and stay alert that we do not commit a folly, there’s always a chance that we might. At times, it’s due to our own carelessness; other times, it might be the people around us. So here are the top fool quotes that will ring a bell in your mind to stay alert. Read these quotes about fools to know if there’s one around you.

Procrastination is for fools, not wise men.

A fool with good wit is better than a wise man with foolish wit.

A wise man knows that what a fool cherishes may ultimately bring sorrow.

No fool is a fool if you ask him.

Only fools jump into a situation without thinking about it.

Arguments are for fools – wise men debate.

A man without a struggle is no less than a fool.

If there were no fools in this world, it would be dull and boring.

Laughing at fools won’t make you wise.

The word “impossible” is meant for fools.

A buttering fool (friend) is not less than an enemy.

It’s difficult for a fool to understand what education has to offer.

Fools never learn from their mistakes and keep repeating them.

Understanding is a trait not meant for fools.

It is foolish to torment oneself for something that we can’t even enjoy.

A fool will die rich with experience.

A wise man can experience more in a day than a fool in a lifetime.

Learn from others’ mistakes, rather than making your own.

Common sense is a luxury for fools.

Holding on to the past does no good.

Arguing with a fool is futile.

Beware of who and what you let in your life.

Convincing a fool of his folly is difficult.

Nature does everything for a purpose.

Advice is meant neither for fools nor for the wise.

Not all who are educated are wise.

Money is an asset that doesn’t last long with the fools.

Fools are easy to flatter, be it by a wise man or the fool himself.

Wise men raise questions, fools make their own assumptions.

No two people in the world are alike. Neither fools nor wise men.

These beware the fool quotes will help you stay safe from the fools that are around you. While you must try to stay away from them, that might not always be an option. So these fool quotes might also come in handy on how to deal with fools on a daily basis.

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