Thank You Message for Colleague: There could be a thousand reasons to thank a colleague. It could be for help and support at work, as an appreciation of good work, birthday gifts or wishes, even during farewell, transfer, or retirement. Sending a thank you message to colleagues is the best way you can apply to show your gratitude. If the question is, “how do you express gratitude to colleagues?” All these thank you messages for colleagues can be your savior for this time. Go ahead, give them a read and find yours!

Thank You Messages for Colleagues

Having a supportive colleague in the office is a blessing, and I am one of those blessed people. I don’t know what I would do without your support. Thanks a ton.

The most wonderful thing I have received working here is from you all, my dear colleagues. This has been one of the best journeys in my career, and I will miss you all. Thanks for everything.

I want to thank you for this beautiful and amazing gift you gave me. Thanks for giving me such a lovely present. I will forever keep store this in my heart.

thank you messages for colleagues at work

You are the best coworker I have ever had. I’ve learned a lot from you. I want to express my gratitude.

I’m so lucky to have you as my workmate. Thanks for always being there!

I wish you the best of luck with your retirement/farewell! Thank you for all the support, guidance, and encouragement at work.

You have always moved forward to help me through the thick and thin situations of my work life. Thank you for always being there.

It was a pleasure to have you as a colleague every day. I really appreciate having the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for your support.

Great work {NAME}, thank you for setting a great example for your team.

thank you message to colleagues for support

Being new in this unknown city and working with strangers wouldn’t have been easy if you were not there. Thank you for making my work life easier.

Thank you so much for all the amazing words. I want you to know how much I value every one of you for wishing me on my special day!

This office and you will remain in my memories forever. Thank you for being great to work with. Goodbye.

Thank you so much. You’re the best workmate I ever had. I don’t know what I would do without you.

Very well done! Thank you for your quality work. Without you, it wouldn’t have been done.

Thanks for being the mastermind in our team. Your work ethic is the best.

appreciation quotes for colleagues

Being friends with you is what I always want to hold on to; work would have never been fun without you. Thank you, mate.

I’ll never forget the experiences I had working with you. You’re the best. Thanks!

The effort you make to make my every birthday special together will all of the office members make me cry tears of joy. Thank you for making me feel special.

During my absence due to being ill, you completed my work to help me. I will never forget your humbleness. Thank you, mate.

The number of times I thank you for showing gratitude towards your uncountable favors would be less.

Thank You Messages for Support at Work

You’re so great to work with. Thank you so much for always being supportive.

Your support and motivation have led me to do my best in work. I cannot thank you enough for what you do in my day-to-day life in the office. I am blessed to have you beside me.

I owe my success to you. Your help has made my project so much easier. I am fortunate to have you on my team!

I sincerely appreciate your kindness to me. Thank you for all the help and guidance. A supportive coworker like you is one in a million.

Thank you for your guidance and advice throughout my work. Your help has made me reach my highest level of success. Thank you for your motivation and support.

thank you message for support at work

I aspire to be as helpful and kind as you. Your kindness and support have made the office a better place. Thank you so much for helping me with all my work.

I hope everybody has the good luck to meet a colleague as generous as you. I am grateful for your support at work.

A huge shoutout to my amazing coworker who never makes me feel alone in the office. Thank you so much for always supporting me in all my work. I am truly blessed.

Thank you for carrying over so many of my responsibilities when I was away. You’ve been really supportive.

Thank you for your endless optimism at work. I really appreciate it.

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Thank You Messages For Colleagues When Leaving

I feel so sad to leave such a nice and talented bunch of people. I have learned a lot of things from every one of you. I truly enjoyed working here. Thanks, everyone, for supporting me!

Thanks for being an amazing group of people with whom I have loved working. Because of each of you, I will always remember my working time here. All the best to you all.

I’ve really enjoyed working with you. Thanks for all the good memories. I hope your next job experience is as enjoyable as the one we had here. Goodbye.

I will miss your support which has always been my strength in tackling all the workloads. Thank you.

Thanks for being a fantastic colleague and friend. I have learned a lot from you. It has been a pleasure to work with you. I wish you the best of luck with the future steps of your career.

I will miss all the cheerful moments that we shared in the canteen of our office, thank you for making my time in the office happy.

I was alone without my family in this unknown city; thank you for making me feel like home; I will miss your companionship badly.

Keep visiting me sometimes; we hold a lot more special bond apart from being colleagues. I will miss you. Thank you for always being there.

thank you messages for colleagues when leaving

I’m going to miss all of you. I have a great friend circle at work and a coworker. I’m fortunate that we worked so many times together. Keep in contact at all times!

Thank you dear. It’s time to say goodbye. I look forward to our paths crossing again. Stay safe and keep me in your prayers.

Though I am moving on to another organization, I am taking with me all the professional guidance taught by you. Hope to meet you soon. Farewell.

I am pleased about this great opportunity for you. How quickly the time passed. It was only yesterday we started working together. Please stay in touch.

Even though we are no longer working together, I would like to keep in contact with you while you advance in your career. Best regards to you.

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Thank You Message To Colleagues For Gift

I am grateful for your generosity in sending me this lovely gift.

This wonderful gift from you truly touches me. Thank you so much.

My day becomes more special with your gift. I’m grateful, and accept my sincere gratitude for this wonderful gift. Thank you so much!

This gift is a token of your love and care toward me. I am so happy to have such a humble coworker like you. Thank you so much for your lovely gift.

Thanking you for such a beautiful gift does not seem enough, but I wish to show you gratitude from the core of my heart.

Never thought I am so special to you, thank you for the gift, my eyes are gleaming with joy.

Such a beautiful gift from you has really overwhelmed me. Thank you for such a pleasant surprise.

thank you message to colleagues for gift

Those were the most delicious chocolates I ever devoured. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful surprise.

I will cherish our friendship lifelong. Thank you for such a special gift.

I know you spent a long time picking this gift for me, I don’t know how to thank you.

Nothing other than such a special gift from you could have made my day better. Thanking you in tons would not be enough.

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Appreciation Quotes For a Colleague

I appreciate how you have helped me get through all the hurdles of work pressure. Always stay by my side.

Showing tones of appreciation would never be enough for the favors you did to me. I will keep your kindness always in my heart.

You’re not only my coworker but also my closest friend. Thank you for working with me.

I feel so lucky to work with an amazing team who never fails to make me feel the most appreciated and loved. Thanks for putting all your great words on my special day.

Honestly, it’s hard to explain how important you are to this organization. Your work is a masterpiece. Good work!

Your skill, knowledge, and work ethic make you a perfect professional. Thank you for finding the best way to get this project done, and done well!


I appreciate your companionship that has helped to reach the position I am in today. I shall always cherish our companionship lifelong.

Our company is fortunate to have you. We admire your hard work.

I appreciate all your sayings that have inspired and motivated me to work harder. Thank you for your guidance.

I will always appreciate the love you have given me, which has helped me stay away from my family during work hours.

I appreciate from the core of my heart how you have provided me with loans during my hard times. I will never forget your kindness.

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Thank You Messages For Colleagues For Birthday Wishes

Thank you so much for the warm and heartfelt birthday wishes. I am truly grateful to have you as my friend at work.

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes. I appreciate all the kind wishes and affection throughout the text. I feel honored and loved that you took a moment to consider me.

How lucky I am! I have the best coworkers I could have asked for. Thanks a lot for wishing me a Happy Birthday.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the birthday greetings you sent me. You truly made my day!

Thanks for thinking of me and remembering my birthday! You made my birthday celebration so special. Thanks again for all the love and best wishes!

Thank you very much for your birthday greetings! I am overjoyed to have made such a wonderful friend through work.

thank you message to colleagues for birthday wishes

I feel fortunate to have a thoughtful coworker like you. Thank you for the birthday wish.

I sincerely appreciate your birthday greetings, my dear colleague.

Waking up to your birthday wishes made me feel lucky to have you as my colleague.

Funny Thank you Messages for Colleagues

You have saved me many times from facing the wrath of our boss. Thank you for saving me.

I don’t have any idea what would have been my condition if you were not there to handle all the mess that I made. Thank you for taking care of me.

You scold me like a big brother for all the silly errors I make. Thank you for taking care of me like my elder.

funny thank you messages for colleague

I would have starved out of hunger but thank you for always sharing your food.

I am sorry I gulp down your whole tiffin sometimes, but what to do you make it so yummy. Thank you for the delicious food.

Having an amazing coworker like you is a terrible habit because it will be difficult to work with someone else.

You have saved my butt from getting kicked a number of my times. Thank you for being my life savior.

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These appreciation messages for colleagues or coworkers will help you express gratitude for their support, help, and encouragement. Funny messages express the sweet bond you share with them and the sweet friendship between you and your colleagues. If you are looking for messages to show appreciation for the gifts they give you, there is a number of them that will definitely make their hearts melt with love. Furthermore, you may write thank you messages or notes to show thankfulness for all the favors that they did for you as you were working together. You may use the messages above to thank them on their birthdays or when leaving their job, which will definitely overwhelm them.