Super Bowl Party Invitation Wording Vow Renewal Invitation Wording: Ideas and Examples

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In case you haven’t noticed, Super Bowl Sunday is effectively a national holiday these days. Super Bowl parties are so commonplace that many people will receive multiple invitations to watch the big game. In fact, attracting guests to your Super Bowl party can be more competitive than the game itself.

That’s why it’s important to send out the best invitation possible. The following playbook will show you how to fire off an invitation that’s sure to catch the attention of its receivers. So huddle up!

Wording samples for Super Bowl party invitations

Super Bowl Party Invite Tips

There’s nothing complicated about attending a Super Bowl party, and by now everyone on your list knows exactly what it’s about (unless perhaps they come from another country). Therefore, a Super Bowl invite is like any other party invite in terms of the information it contains. The difference is mostly stylistic.

Here’s some general advice to keep in mind when you’re hunting for the right wording:

1. Pepper it with football puns. Some might say that a bad pun is worse than no pun at all. We disagree. Puns grab people’s attention, and that’s a good thing – even if that attention is accompanied by a groan. That said, don’t pick wording that makes you look football-illiterate. Make sure your punning game is strong by checking out this All Pro collection of football puns.

2. Include potluck and BYOB details. Food and drink are important details for any party, but especially for one where people expect to sit in front of a TV eating junk food. Most of your invitees will probably assume that they should bring a dish to share and some beer. Your invite should either confirm those assumptions, or let them know that you have everything covered.

3. Send early. When it comes to locking down guests, the appropriate football metaphor is “racing the clock.” Unlike other events, a Super Bowl party can only happen on one date. If you want a good turnout, you need to lock down your guests as soon as possible. Even the best crafted invitation isn’t going to succeed if it’s the last one on the pile.

Okay, enough general pointers. The best way to tackle an invitation like this is to look at some examples. Feel free to use any of the following wording as-is, or modify it to add your own spin.

Just keep in mind that not all of these samples contain all the bits of info you might need for your gathering. If you decide to use one of these as a template, be sure to check and double-check that you’ve added all the essential details.

To All Our Rowdy Friends:
Come Over For Our
Super Bowl Party
Sunday, February 1 at 3:30 pm
Mike and Karen’s Place
1234 Gridiron Lane
Bring one dish to share – beer is on us!
RSVP by Jan. 24
It’s Super Bowl Time!
Join Us For Beer, Pizza, and a Friendly $5 Football Pool
Don’t Fumble This One – RSVP by Jan. 16
We’re Having A
Super Bowl XLIX Party
Bring a Dish to Share and the Beer of Your Choice
Missing Out on This Would be a Personal Foul
Let’s Drink Beer and Watch Football!
Nancy and Steve Are Having A
Super Bowl Party
Don’t Pass It Up!
Are You Ready For Some Football?
You’re Invited to Our
Epic Super Bowl Party
Join us for food, awesome commercials, a halftime show, and oh yeah, someone said something about a football game
We’re Having A
Super Bowl Party
(No Matter Who’s Playing)
We’ll Have Pizza and Domestic Brews
Bring Anything Else You’d Like

Invite friends and family to watch you say I do (again).

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