Saying sorry to your girlfriend or wife doesn’t make you less, rather it shows that you value the relationship and love her. If you offend your partner verbally or by your actions, you can apologize to make it up to her. The actions can hurt her and break her apart. At this moment, you must send them an apology paragraph saying sorry to her. You can choose from our list of heart-touching paragraphs for her to say sorry. You can copy and paste these long paragraphs or letters to simply apologize.

Sorry Paragraph For Her

I know, my girl, you are mad at me right now. I should never say those words to you, sweetheart. I’m very ashamed of myself and extremely sorry, my love. Please forgive me this time. I love you so much.

I’m sorry that I messed up. But I’ll fix everything sweetheart. I can live without your love and care, baby. I can fix everything if you give me a last chance. I realized that I was wrong and so I’m sorry!

sorry paragraph for her

I’m sorry for cheating on you. I was never meant to cheat on you. Please be my little ray of sunshine always like you always have been! I’m extremely sorry and ashamed of myself at the same time. Please forgive me, sweetheart.

Words can’t describe how sad I’m that I broke your heart. Please forgive me and give me a place in your heart. I cannot live like this. I apologize for everything I did. Without you my life is nothing.

I know I’m imperfect and I make mistakes. I promise not to make the same mistake again to hurt you. I never meant to tell you those words. I’m extremely sorry and please forgive me for this time, baby.

Can we please bury the argument and move on? I know this is unforgivable. I know you can never love me like before but I cannot lose you, baby, and I love you. I will never shout at you. Sorry, the love of my life!

I should never say those words to you. I cannot lose you, baby. The only thing I can do right now is to think about you. Seeing you like this shatters my heart. Sorry for breaking your heart baby.

I can’t imagine being away from you, honey. A little part of me is already dying for hurting you. I can never forgive myself until you forgive me. Sorry for my misbehavior. I’m sorry, my sweetheart.

Dear, I want to sincerely apologize for the pain I’ve caused you. I am sorry for my inappropriate words. I know that was inappropriate and hurt you a lot. I feel so bad for my actions. Please forgive me.

apology paragraph for her

Darling, I have never thought of making you cry. I love you a lot, but my behavior was not right toward you. I am so sorry, and I promise I’ll never hurt you again. You deserve love and care, not crying and heartbreaks.

I am so ashamed to argue with you. I’m sorry for being a handful person sometimes. You have thousands of reasons to shout at me but I should never make an argument with you. Please forgive me, and I promise not to hurt you again.

My dearest love, I don’t deserve forgiveness, but I request you to forgive me this time. I know my faults are huge and I am a bad person to love. But trust me, you were always my first priority and will forever be. I’m sorry.

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Heart Touching Sorry Paragraph for Her

I know sorry is not enough, but you cross my mind every single day. Life without you is difficult and meaningless. Making you happy is my only motto. I’m afraid to lose you. I promise this is the last time. Forgive me, my baby!

im sorry paragraphs for her

My world breaks apart when I see you crying. My heart breaks into pieces realizing I hurt you. I can neither bear this pain nor see you like this. My heart has already been shattered into pieces. I’m sorry!

I’m sorry for neglecting you while giving priority to other people and things. All I can say is I’m ashamed of myself for not treating you properly. Please give me another chance and let me fix everything in the right place. I’m sorry, dear.

I truly care about you and love you like crazy. I know a huge amount of sorry cannot fix your heart. But I will try my level best to make you happy. Being rude to you was never my choice. I’m sorry, my love.

heart touching sorry paragraphs for her

While I hurt you, I hurt myself 2X more. My heart is filled with sorrow. I’m always ready to make you happy, and I will make you happy in the future. Just give me one chance. Forgive me for the one last time, baby.

You’re the best girl, and I always wanted to be with you. I’m sorry that I cheated on you so badly. I can never think of losing you. I feel like I am the worst person in my life. Sorry for my mistake, please forgive me this time!

I love you, and I want you to know that I am very sorry, babe, for everything I did. You are the perfect partner anyone could ask for. But I’m ashamed that I made an argument with you. Please give me time and I’ll make everything like it used to be.

long sorry paragraphs for her

I want to enjoy the rest of my life with you. Please forgive me, baby. I won’t hurt you again. No one in this world cannot replace you and I’m ashamed of myself. Next time I will always make time for you no matter what.

I was such a fool to make an argument. Please forgive me, and let me right all my wrongs. I feel like you are miles away from me. After this argument, I realized how much you mean in my life. I’m sorry, baby!

I’m sorry, babe, for hiding the truth from you. Please believe in me and I will make everything like before. I am reassured that I will always be there for you no matter what comes in my way. I’m begging you to forgive me.

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Sorry For Cheating Paragraph For Her

My heart has been filled with regret and I cannot face you. That’s why I am sending this message to say sorry to you. Trust is the pillar of any relationship, and I just broke your trust by cheating on you and our relationship. You are the most important person in my life, and I can never let you go.

I am so sorry for hurting you and breaking your trust. I feel disgusted with myself that I caused so much pain to you by cheating on you. What I did can never be forgiven, but I promise this will never happen again. I am so sorry, my dear.

sorry paragraph for girlfriend

I can’t believe I cheated on a girl like you. How can I be so foolish? Can you forgive me? I can wait for you forever, but I can’t think of losing you. I love you so much and what I did was extremely wrong.

I feel so guilty for cheating on you, and I am so sorry. I feel like the worst person making you cry. You gave me all, and I gave you pain, heartbreak, and suffering. I don’t know how to apologize, but I will fix everything. Please forgive me and just give me a chance this time!

I’m Sorry And I Love You Paragraph

I am sorry for my misbehaving last day. I know what I did was wrong and I feel so guilty of myself. My actions were not something that can be forgiven, and I feel so sorry for hurting your feelings. I take full responsibility for fixing things right because I love you a lot.

Dear, I am so sorry. Please give me another chance to make everything like before again. My world revolves around you, and I can live without you for a moment. Please give me a chance to make you feel loved and happy again.

I am sorry for hurting your feelings, and neglecting you while giving priority to others. But I want to assure you that you are the most important person in my life and I can never think of leaving you.

It hurts to see you crying like this. My intention was never to hurt you or to make you cry. I love you a lot and hurting you and seeing your tears makes me broken. Please forgive me this time.

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Remind your wife or girlfriend how much you love her. Let her know how you feel for her. Don’t let this argument ruin the sparkle between you. Saying sorry after a little fight will go a long way. All you need to express what caused the misunderstanding. Make a move and let her know that it is your fault and say sorry to her. Ask forgiveness from her. Be open to her, and she will welcome you again. Request her not to quit at this stage for a simple argument. Don’t hesitate to let her know that you are ready to love her forever, and she will finally accept you back in her life.