Promise Quotes That Promises to Be Thought Provoking

Every single one of us received promises that were never fulfilled, but at the same time, so many of us have made promises that we have not kept. A promise should be sacred, a bond and something to believe in. These promises quotes have been selected to inspire and enlighten you.

When you make a promise, your integrity is on the line.

Beware of people that promise the sun, the moon and the stars.

Never place all your hopes on promises made by others.

If you make a promise, deliver as quickly as you can.

A promise is only useful once it has been kept.

Even if your intentions are pure, do not make promises you cannot keep.

Promises to refrain from doing something is sometimes more difficult to keep.

Breaking a promise to yourself is the worst breach of trust.

One needs to learn how to say no instead of making promises he cannot keep.

Don’t bank on a promise before it has been delivered.

Don’t be lured by promises from people you don’t trust.

People will promise anything when they desperate something from you.

Keep in mind that many people make promises that are impossible for them to keep.

Breaking your word is as good as committing fraud.

Standing by a loved one in troubled times is more valuable than empty promises.

It is far better to say “no” than to make empty promises.

When someone promises you something, maintain a healthy skepticism.

A promise reluctantly made is worth more than spur-of-the-moment promises.

Do the right thing even when nobody is expecting it.

God made many promises and He will fulfill them all, sooner or later.

Carefully consider your ability to deliver before you make a promise.

Do not make promises when your emotions are high.

Do not expect a promise to be fulfilled immediately. Be patient and have faith.

A man with character and integrity follows through his words.

Promises are not plans, treat them as such.

Making a promise is a solemn enterprise. It should not be made unless you are sure that you can keep it. Believing the promises of others often creates false hopes; it is better not to place all your hopes on a single promise. Hopefully, these quotes on promises will be of benefit to you.

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