25+ Mothers Day Quotes From Son and Daughters

There are so many roles an individual plays in the society, but nothing can be compared with that of the role a mother plays in her children’s life. This is the most important and extremely valued role played by a mother. A mother can be your own mother, your wife, your sister or it could be your own daughter too. They are non-stop working, selfless, helpful and immensely contribute wholly to the society and humanity. Moreover, the mothers love their children very much, be it her daughter or son.


So, this Mother’s Day it is a terrific opportunity to make your mother feel special and wish her with heartiest greetings on this day and celebrate the motherhood. Our website has huge collections of Mother’s Day greetings, quotes, wishes, and images. This is intended to help you wish your mother in a special way and make her presence in your life celebrated in a perfect way. You can use our quotes, wishes, and messages to wish your mother by inscribing these in greetings cards, letters, and note cards or in social networking sites.

Mothers Day Quotes From Son and Daughters

Here are few collections of Mother’s day quotes from her children.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. Thank you for your caring and helping nature towards me until I learn to take care of myself.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom… You are our only bank where we deposit all our worries and pain.

Dear Mom, no matter how much times passes by, no matter how distant you’re away from me. I love you continuously.

You are more than a woman with beauty and brains, you are our lovely mother, our best friend, and a true fighter of life’s journey. Happy Mother’s day dear Mom.

Thank you for your endless love and immense support. You are the one because of whom what I am now. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.


Few quotes of Mother’s Day from her daughter

You are the rainbow of my life which fills my world with all colors of life. I am so lucky to be your daughter. Wherever I go, you will be loved and missed always. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

It is a great honor to be your daughter. I am very proud that I am part of you. Happy wishes for a great Mother’s Day.


You are a great mother and a true friend, thanks Mom for loving me and supporting me in my life. Happy Mother’s day to you!

You are my role model Mother, I hope that someday I could be the same Mother like you to my children. Your willpower, loving and devoted nature inspires me a lot. Happy Mother’s Day to you Mom.

No language can express the power of love, sacrifice, and bravery of a Mother. You are incomparable Mother. Happy Mother’s day to you.

A mother’s love is the real love of this world. No one and anything could ever replace her. Love you Mom…. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

Having Mother like you is the only reason I’d want to live my life again to this very day. Happy Mother’s day Mamma.

A father may turn away from his children, brothers and sisters may become hard enemies, husbands may leave their wives, and wives also do the same to their husbands. But a mother’s love bears through all pains and always stand by her children’s side. On this Mother’s Day, I thank you for being my mother and for all your support.

All my problems of life and pain disappear when my mother lovingly caresses me. Happy wishes for a great Mother’s Day to my Mom.

My mother’s prayer to God withers away all the pain and gloominess from my life. Thank you for your love and eternal care towards me. May you live longer Mother, Best wishes to celebrate your presence in my life.

Few Quotes of Mother’s Day From Her Son

Dear Mom, you’re my Super Mom and I am your little mischievous hero who always likes to bother you. Heartiest wishes for a great celebration of Mother’s Day with your Mom.

My mother has greatly influenced my life with her love, kisses, and teachings of good morals, her happiness and sometimes anger towards me. Today whatever I am is because of my Mom. Happy Mother’s day to you Mamma.

Happy Mothers day Quotes from Son

I am grateful for your love and support. I count on you Mom. I am so lucky to be your son. Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear Mom. It is your day today….. So hold on and relax today, for I am here to help you with all your daily chores. Heartiest wishes to my dear Mother on this Mother’s Day.

There’s always love in everything you do for me. I am grateful to you and the luckiest son in the world. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

To my perfect Mother, who is very charitable and benevolent with a son like me. I LOVE YOU! Happy Mother’s Day!

I wish that this day brings joy, love, and happiness in your life. Happy Mother’s Day.

I am grateful for the precious gift God has sent me in form of my Mother. Thanks for being with me Mamma. Happy wishes to you on this Mother’s Day.

Dear Mom, nothing can vary the relationship between you and me. I will be always with you.

Dear mother, you are my first friend, my first teacher, and my first fan. Our bond is the cutest thing in the world. Happy wishes for you on this Mother’s Day.

So, as you know that the relationship between mothers with her child is the greatest relationship in the world. It is the relationship of heart to heart and blood to blood. No one can ever replace the position of a mother in her child’s like. The life of a son or a daughter is incomplete with his or her mother. A mother completes her children and simultaneously her children to complete their mother.

Hence, to make your Mother special on this day, use our quotes and messages to wish her.

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