54+ Happy Sukkot Wishes, Greetings and Quotes

Sukkot Wishes: Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles is a Jewish holiday that starts from Tishrei 15th and ends on Tishrei 21st. Every year, the Jews celebrate this week with utmost zeal and they spend much of their time in the Sukkah. It doesn’t matter whether your religion is Judaism or not, if you meet a Jewish person during Sukkot, you should exchange some Sukkot greetings with them. Don’t know how to wish someone a happy Sukkot? Stress not, because you’ll find the loveliest Sukkot wishes, happy Sukkot messages, and quotes right in this post.

Sukkot Wishes

Happy Sukkot! May this week be filled with wonderful memories. God bless you.

Wishing you a blissful week on the occasion of Sukkot! May God’s blessings be with you.

All praise to the Lord who has guided us and protected us from all bad things. Happy Sukkot to all of you! May God surround us with all His blessings and good things.

May this auspicious week bring you much happiness and success. Chag sameach sukkot.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Sukkot. Rejoice in triumphant and enjoy this Holiday.

May God bless you with happiness, prosperity, and good health in your life on this sukkot. I hope you thank God for all His blessings towards you. Happy Sukkot to you all.

May each moment of this graceful week sing of love and joy. Happy Sukkot 2022!

I hope you be blessed with great health, peaceful days, and much prosperity. Happy Sukkot.

May God answers each of the prayers you make during this Sukkot. Wishing you happy holidays!

Sending all my love and prayers for you and your family on this holy occasion of Sukkot. Let us take a moment to appreciate all the blessings that God has provided us with. Happy Sukkot!

Sukkot is, here again, to remind us of God’s power and protection. May He bless us all.

Happy Sukkot! All thanks to the lord for creating, loving, and protecting us.

Indeed God is the most powerful and Sukkot is evidence of that. A very happy Sukkot to everyone!

Sending my prayers and love to you and your family on this holy occasion of Sukkot. May God protect you from the things that are harmful and bless you with the good ones!

May the lessons of Sukkot reflect in our lives and may we never lose hope! Happy Sukkot.

Sukkot Wishes for Friend

If God can protect people from the harshest calamities, he sure can make all of our troubles go away. So, believe in Him and enjoy this Sukkot!

On this graceful occasion, let us thank our Lord and express much love towards each other. Have a great Sukkot!

I wish that this sukkah brings you an abundance of love and peace. May each of your wishes come true.

Sending my warm hugs and best wishes on this beautiful occasion. May this Sukkot be the best holiday of your life!

On this Sukkot, I am praying that the smile on your face stays forever intact. Happy Sukkot, dear!

May the angels protect your home and the love of God guide you towards eternal peace. Happy Sukkot.

What can be a bigger blessing than getting to spend the holidays with good food and good people! Chag Sukkot Sameach.

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Sukkot Wishes for Friends and Family

My dear friend, may these Sukkot bring happiness into your life. Enjoy this holy occasion to the fullest. All my prayers for you and your family.

I pray all your secret prayers be answered and all your wishes be granted on this happy occasion. Wishing you and your family a lovely Sukkot!

Wishing you prosperity, happiness, and good health on this Sukkot. May you enjoy this day to the fullest with your family and loved ones. Happy Sukkot!

Sukkot is the day when we all should be grateful to the almighty for what we have. May His blessings surround you in every phase of your life. Happy Sukkot.

May your life be filled with joy, success, and good health. I hope that you and your family have a joyous and enjoyable Sukkot. Happy Sukkot!

Sukkot Wishes for a Jewish Colleague or Boss

May the blessings brought by this Sukkot festival fill your home with happiness and your mind with contentment. Happy Sukkot!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday on the occasion of Sukkot. May love and peace surround you, now and always.

Sending you my love and prayers on this delightful occasion. Wish you and your loved ones a memorable Sukkot.

I pray that your house gets filled with peace and your heart with affection. Have a splendid Sukkot with the near and dear ones.

I hope this magical holiday brings you good health and plentiful success. Keep shining and enjoy the Sukkot!

Take my heartiest greetings on the occasion of Sukkot. May the holidays pass with much merriment.

Happy Sukkot to you. I pray that you keep reaping the bounties of God throughout your entire life.

Have a graceful Sukkot! I hope the holidays bring you many memories that you can cherish for life.

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Sukkot Greetings

With the arrival of Sukkot, may God’s lights surround us and all the darkness fade away. Happy Sukkot.

Worry not, trust God, and enjoy the Sukkot! Wishing you all a lovely holiday.

On this holy occasion, let us thank the almighty for His protection, love, and all His numerous blessings that we enjoy every day. Happy Sukkot to you!

Wish you a happy Sukkot. May God grant you many shining days ahead.

May the celebration bring renewed hope and overflowing happiness to your life. Chag Sukkot Sameach!

On this occasion of Sukkot, wish your loved ones and close friends a happy and lovely Sukkot! May you have an amazing day with your near ones!

Let us cherish God and the blessings He has showered us with! Happy Sukkot 2022.

May your faith gets stronger and you spend a life full of virtues. Have a pleasant Sukkot.

I feel lucky to share the joy of Sukkot with someone as beloved as you. Happy Sukkot!

Sukkot Quotes

“You shall rejoice on your festivals … and you will be completely joyous!” – Deut 16:15

“You shall dwell in Sukkot seven days, every citizen in Israel shall dwell in Sukkot so that your descendants shall know that in sukkot I caused the Children of Israel to dwell when I brought them out of the land of Egypt.” – Leviticus 23:42-43

“Praying that happiness to be yours and patience visits your home.” – Sreshtha

“Being Jewish is about being in love with Sukkot.” – Anonymous

“I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” – Psalms 4:8

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” – Isaiah 40:31

“Depend on the Lord in whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” – Proverbs 16:3

“You are to be holy to me because I, the Lord, am holy, and I have set you apart from the nations to be my own.” – Leviticus 20:26

“But you are a God ready to forgive, gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, and did not forsake them.” – Nehemiah 9:17

“And the Children of Israel traveled from Ramses to Sukkot, six hundred thousand men on foot, aside from children. And a mixed multitude also went with them, with sheep and oxen.” – Exodus 12:37-38

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No occasion feels complete until you share the joy of it with your loved ones, and Sukkot is no exception. On Sukkot, people usually greet each other with a simple “Chag Sameach”, which is the Hebrew for “Happy holiday”. But when you are wishing your family, friends, colleagues, or dear people, why not take it up a notch? The best part is, you won’t even have to look for the right words! Just use one of the happy Sukkot wishes we have written here. Exchange these messages for Sukkot celebration through texts or notes, and share these on social media to spread the merriment!

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