No one can assume the feelings of a wife when she says goodbye and gives a farewell hug to her husband. Husbands who work abroad often travel extensively for their job, business trips, vacations, or other reasons. Regardless of the reason, make sure to let him know that you will miss him during his absence. Consider leaving a touchy farewell quote, a take care message, or a romantic note in his attaché case. Here are some goodbye messages for your husband who is going away. You can text these goodbye messages to your husband to express your feelings, love, and wishes for a safe journey.

Goodbye Messages for Husband

I am so proud of you, my hardworking husband. Goodbye, and have a safe journey.

Saying goodbye is hard, but your love made me strong; goodbye, dearest. Be safe out there.

Wishing you all the very best on your journey abroad. I hope that you can achieve the best. My heart will wait for you. Goodbye, my dear husband!

goodbye my dear husband

It hurts to see you leave. But alas! I have to live by your memories until you get back. Goodbye, honey.

When I say goodbye, I actually mean don’t go. I don’t want to see you go. Please, Come back soon.

I am strong outside, but my heart is breaking into thousand pieces while saying goodbye to you. I will wait for you every day, every moment. Goodbye, love.

You have been my strongest support and inspiration. My life feels empty without you. I wish you all the happiness up there. farewell, my dear man.

Farewell to my amazing husband in his new chapter of life. I will miss your presence so much. Sending you all the love and best wishes.

Some marriages are not meant to last forever. Let us embrace our time together. I wish you all the best in the coming days. Goodbye, husband.

Goodbye sweetheart. The home will not be home unless my dear husband is back knocking at the door. Best wishes.

I will try, not to cry but my heart rejects to accept that you are going away. Make time to miss your lonely wifey. I love you, goodbye.

I know you are working for our betterment, but it is still hard to stay away from you. Goodbye, my dear husband. Be safe out there.

message for husband working abroad

Goodbye my love; I am waiting here to see you soon. Keep remembering me throughout your busy day.

Come back soon to my loving husband because I cannot simply stay away from you. Goodbye for now.

Work is important but keep me in your heart even in your most important time. I am going to miss you a lot. Goodbye, my man.

Goodbye is a tiny word but causes big pain to say, especially to a dear husband like you. Come back soon.

Have a safe journey honey. I will wait here for you with all the kisses you give me. Goodbye, babe.

Goodbye Messages for Husband Going Abroad

Only God and I know the feeling when you go away from me. But I keep telling my heart that you are going to work, for our future. Goodbye, my sweetheart. I am waiting to see you soon.

You were asking why my eyes are wet. I couldn’t say anything. The truth is my heart is going far away from me. However, it is for your job. How can I live without my heart? I love you my darling. Come back soon.

Today you are going abroad. I am strong outside. Because a soldier’s wife has some responsibilities too. But inside I am burning honey. Have a safe journey. I wish you all the best in your job.

Goodbye, my dear husband. Best of luck with your endeavor. May you be blessed with success and growth throughout your work. I will miss you unmeasurably.

When the earth stops revolving around the earth, only then will I stop missing you. Goodbye and have a safe work trip, dear hubby.

With teary eyes, I am saying goodbye to you, my dearest husband. Finish your work and come back soon.


This work is very important to you. Concentrate on your work. Don’t worry about me. I will be waiting for you. Just come back safe and sound to me soon. Goodbye.

I know, without sacrificing and working hard, nothing can be achieved. So I am convinced that this will bring good things for us. So go and work very well. I will be here to take care of everything. Goodbye, husband.

I will not see you for many days. But you will be in my heart always. I will feel you, honey. Work hard and grab your success. I love you. Goodbye.

When you are not with me, nothing seems interesting or good to me. I really miss you all the time. Please finish your work soon and come back to my heart. Goodbye.

We will be in a long-distance relationship. But that doesn’t mean you will be away from me. You will be in my mind and heart. I will miss you. Have a nice journey.

My man, I pray for you to achieve everything you set out for. May all the blessings be showered upon you. You’ll always be on my mind. Goodbye, sweetheart!

Wishing my man a heartfelt best of luck on his travel abroad. I pray and wish you to gain amazing experiences. All my love to you!

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Goodbye Messages for Husband Going On A Trip

I hope that this trip will be a good trip for you. Enjoy your trip, and have fun. But lastly, come back soon safely. Goodbye, my sweetheart.

I will miss you so much, honey. But I respect your wishes and priorities. So have fun and have a super trip. Don’t forget to bring chocolates and gifts for me. Love you.

It is not easy to live without your heart, but I know you will take care of mine with care. Have fun on the trip. Goodbye, love.

Bid Farewell, my love. I wish you to experience your voyage with utmost satisfaction. I hope to see you happy and prosperous.

I Wish you a happy, safe, and prosperous trip, my dear husband. Come home soon because saying goodbye is harder than ‘I love you.’

husband going abroad quotes

I hope you will enjoy it a lot but deep down miss me a lot as I will miss you. Goodbye sweetheart.

Yes, I will be sad when you will go away from me. But I hope you will be cheerful, happy and refreshed after this trip. Have a wonderful trip darling!

It is always hard to say goodbye to the person, whom you love most. I feel empty inside and outside. My love, please come back soon from this trip. I will miss you so much.

You are the world of mine. You are my jewelry of mine. Come back soon to me. I know my jewel will shine like a pearl after this amazing trip.

Your absence will surely give me pain. Your touch; your warm hugs will be missed. But I will not cry. I know you will come back soon after your trip. I will be eagerly waiting for you. Goodbye, my life.

You are going miles away from me. It is really a very hard thing for me. But I will be a fine baby. This trip will remove all the monotonousness of your life. And when you are happy I will be happy. Goodbye.

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Goodbye Messages for Husband After Divorce

I bid farewell to you. It has been a wonderful journey with you. May we both find peace in our own ways. Goodbye.

Time changes life. I hope our divorce brings out the best in us. I wish you all the best. Goodbye sincerely.

Glad you are still supportive and respectful of my choices. We might not be the best couple, but we sure are good friends. Goodbye.

Dear x-husband, Maybe this is the last message I am writing. I don’t know why all these things happened. But I learned a big lesson from life. Be happy with your life. Maybe I will miss you or I won’t. Goodbye.

I still feel our wedding day of us. I even still get the smell of my wedding dress. But unfortunately, we are divorced today. Nothing to say at all. Goodbye and stay well.

Sometimes, something happens in our life that we don’t even think of. This divorce is the same thing to me. I never thought that I have to leave you. Actually, nothing is permanent in this life. I wish you a good life. Goodbye.


Goodbye to our special morning kisses, goodbye to our dinner time gossip and goodbye to our sharing emotions. And lastly goodbye to our marriage.

Dear, I am sorry for all the wrong things I have done. I am thankful to you because you gave me many beautiful moments in my life. However, all things have ended today. But I don’t want that you remember me with a bad image. Take care and Goodbye.

So from today, we will not stay together. We will not eat together and do other crazy stuff together. It will be hard, but I think I can co-op soon. Okay, stay well. Bye!

I don’t know who to blame. Is it your ego or my angriness? Maybe both. Whatever, I hope you will be fine. Your life will be smooth again soon. Goodbye to you.

I always feared about divorce. And today I am divorced. I don’t know what I should do now. I hope soon things will be changed. Now it is time to say goodbye. So bye.

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Farewell Message To Late Lusband

Death makes us apart, but love will always bind us tight. Goodbye, dear husband.

Wait for me on the other side of life. I have said goodbye to you, but you will say ‘welcome’ to me one day.

Farewell, my beloved husband. I am dying without you here. I miss you so much. Every time I think of you, my heart weeps. I hope you are at peace in paradise.

I bid farewell to my most precious companion; nothing in the world can replace you. My heart aches for you. I pray that you are happy and proud of the life that you lived. Rest in peace!

Years will pass and turn into decades, I will always remember you, and your memory will never fade.

You were the jewels of my eyes, and my heart still is not ready to say goodbye. I love you so much, dear husband.


Lossing you was the worst nightmare that came true. Now living with your memory is the only way to say goodbye to you. Rest in peace.

My heart misses you so much, and nobody is here right now to mend it. Goodbye, my dear husband. Rest in peace with my love and respect.

There was never a man, nor there will ever be anyone who can take your place in my heart. Rest in peace, my love!

It is hard to say goodbye to a soulmate, a loving husband like you but death made me do that with a broken heart. I wish I could be there with you in heaven right now. Love you, dear.

These are the farewell messages for your husband to make him feel how lonely you’ll be without your man. Let him know that you will be waiting for him to come back soon. Your husband will surely feel about your love and feeling. And he will want to come back soon.