Funny Farewell Messages: Parting ways is always an emotional moment regardless of whom you are saying goodbye to. Normally when it comes to saying farewell to your colleague or boss- you have to keep it formal and professional as it involves your work. Saying goodbye is never easy, and you may feel at a loss for words. Here are some funny farewell messages which you can pass to your boss, colleagues or someone close to you when they are leaving the office behind them. Bid them goodbye with a smile on your face. Send them your warm gratitude with such wishes on their last day at the office. Appreciate him/her while showing your huge respect, and say thanks for all their efforts and guidance.

Funny Farewell Messages

We will miss seeing you in the office. (Not really). Have a great life.

It will not be the same without you. It will actually be better! Farewell!

It’s a good thing you are leaving; one less person to suffer in the office. Just kidding.

You are a great buddy, you really know how to spoil people! We are all going to miss you a lot! Wishing you great success in your future. Keep in touch.

funny farewell message to colleagues in office

I know that you are going to get an awesome salary in your new job but there is no guarantee that you will get awesome colleagues like us too. Do you still want to go?

Goodbye, don’t cry! We won’t! Just kidding—you will be sorely missed.

I hope that your next boss will hate you so much that he’ll kick you back here. Just kidding! Be good there and all the best for your new workplace.

Your leaving is a big loss for me, now who will lend me money in the last week of the month?

Wishing you a happy farewell. I hope you get a crazy boss and a bunch of crazy colleagues there.

The fact that we have to train another person to be one of us is stressing me out. Don’t leave, please.

I wish you trouble in your new office. Also, be sure to impress them as well. Good luck, man.

Having awesome colleagues is a bad habit because it’ll be impossible to work with someone else now that you’re leaving. Goodbye.

Now that you are leaving, miscellaneous expenses of the company will decrease, productivity will increase, deadlines will be met and efficiency will spike. On a serious note, the exact opposite will happen. Farewell.

funny wishes for farewell

Instead of saying farewell to you, I wish I could say fare-bad so that you come back and continue working with us. But I won’t… because I always wish the best for you. Farewell.

If I had to play a final prank on you before bidding you farewell, I would tie your legs to your cubicle when you aren’t looking so that you can never leave us. Goodbye.

Saying goodbye to you is such a crazy thing! Promise me this is not the end of everything. I know you will always come to meet me to get some advice and remember it’s not for free! I will miss you buddy!

On the one hand, I feel happy that I no longer have to listen to your angry rants, but on the other the thought of having a new boss makes me wet my pants. Farewell.

I wish my employment contract had a clause that bound my job with yours so I could follow you wherever you go. Goodbye.

I still don’t understand why you decided to leave the company. Do you think you can have tons of fun in your new office without us? Okay, let’s see who is going to miss what.

It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.

funny farewell message to boss who is leaving

How much more money are they giving you? Write that number down. Double it. Throw the paper away. I don’t have that kind of money, but I can bribe you with brownies, my delightful smile, jokes, and my friendship. Reconsider staying!

Happy farewell to you. Go happily and don’t come back crying. We won’t cry for you either.

Today our team is going to lose its sense of humor and its heartbeat. Farewell to the guy who made every day seem like Sunday with his jokes and enthusiasm.

Thank you for leaving us and going away! You are really a naughty cookie… I wish that your boss would love you as we love and accept your real attitude. Honestly, I’m gonna miss working with you. Thank you for all the inspiration! God bless!

So, now I have to do both our jobs until they find your replacement? Damn son!

It may seem a hard goodbye, but man, you are really leaving me with the crazies. I bid you adieu.

Funny Farewell Messages for Colleague

Goodbye. We won’t miss you at all. Just kidding. The office will be empty with you.

You can wish for but never find another cool set of colleagues like us. I hope you see better days in your new workplace, will miss you so much.

I will forever be mad at you for leaving me here with all this craziness. I will miss you so much, do not forget me, dear ex-colleague.

Now that you are going, I wonder who will be our shield and protect us from the boss’s rage and rants. Best of luck with your life. See you later, alligator.

Why are you leaving? It won’t be the same anymore… Because it will be more fun. Goodbye, (colleague’s name). May you get a promotion in the first week of your work 😉

I will not talk to you for leaving me alone here unless you bring me some amazing gifts. Goodbye, (coworker’s name); I already miss you.

funny leaving messages for work colleagues

Dear colleague, you have been a savior and a great company. But tell us how much more money are you getting in your new office?

I have been waiting to sit on your chair for a while, thanks for finally giving me the opportunity. I hope they give you a more comfortable chair at your new office.

Goodbye, my fellow colleagues. Let’s never see each other again in the future.

Curse you for leaving us while we have so much work, but we will miss you.

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Funny Farewell Message to Boss Who Is Leaving

Trust me, boss. You will regret this decision and miss us every step of the way. Goodbye to you.

Farewell, boss. We cannot wait to replace you with a new cool boss. Just kidding. There is no leader like you.

Dear Boss, we will really avoid bumping into you. Jokes apart, I will forever cherish all the memories and all the peaks we conquered as a team. Have a great life ahead of you.

Boss, can we have a day off to mourn this gaping loss? We will forever remember your kindness!

Farewell, boss. You are irreplaceable, because honestly, who will be able to scream as loud as you?

funny farewell message to boss who is leaving

I am sorry that we caused you trouble and made the HR team look so bad, but honestly- we enjoyed doing that. No regrades, we had the best time indeed.

Goodbye boss. Now with you gone, we are going to party every day in the office.

Remember us for our brilliant works and forget about all the mess-ups. And we will remember you for your smiles, not for your screams.

Boss, we will miss doing all your work for you every day. It won’t be easy without you around, but we hope it will be better! Conveying the best regards.

Begone! Begone the man/woman who made us work so much. Just kidding. We will miss you, boss.

May you find employees as insufferable as us in your next job as well. Farewell and Good luck.

Dear boss, as you’re leaving, please don’t forget us. Keep us in your memory for all the good and hard work. Forget about the messes we’ve made. We’ll also forget your screams as well.

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Funny Farewell Speech For Colleague

What a relief that we won’t have to suffer with your obnoxious jokes anymore in the office- we are saved, and our prayers have been answered finally. But for real, going to miss you, our dear colleague. Thanks for making us live at stressful times.

funny farewell speech for colleague

It’s a bummer that you are leaving the office and us because who’s in charge of making shitty decisions and making everyone else suffer now? Sorry, cannot just bid you goodbye while saying good things, we aren’t basic. But thank you, for your service. We will surely miss you.

Still wondering what will I do now at my break time as you are leaving! It must be tougher for you because you won’t be getting such awesome colleagues there- our condolences on this. Have an okayish time here while sobbing on our Whatsapp group.

Dear colleague, what a tragedy that you have to deal with peasants now at your new office and not such mighty colleagues. We will miss trying to avoid and annoy you- but hey, don’t be sad. We will surely join on laughing at your new colleagues. After all, we are work buddies for life.

Do you think you will get rid of me if I say farewell? No buddy, it’s “see you soon” I will be visiting you soon, so you never forget my beautiful face. Now, leave!

Funny Leaving Messages For Work Colleagues

Make sure yall take care of my memories until I return to retrieve them. Anyway, Goodbye everyone, don’t miss me much!

I thought you were all gonna cry for me to stay! I am a little sad now.

I hope the new worker laughs at your boring bad jokes! Goodbye, Everyone! Stay well, and Take care!

I’m at last out of this hell. The time has finally arrived for me to say goodbye to my crazy coworkers. My sincere apologies for having to say goodbye to you.

Going into the unknown for the first time. Farewell, buddies. I hope you all keep up the incredible job!

Finally free from this hell. Goodbye, my fellow colleagues. Goodbye, my dear boss.

I am out of here, for real. Never coming back. But I might miss this place sometimes.

funny goodbye message when you’re leaving

Gotta bolt. Stay out of trouble, you kids. You all better achieve success after success.

Laters losers. Now that I will be gone, accomplishing success may become harder but I will root for you all.

Stepping into the unknown. Adios, amigos. May you all keep up the good work.

I gotta leave. Kids, don’t get into trouble. You ought to all succeed in everything you do.

Now you all gotta call by yourself to order pizza. Finally, I get to retire from this position.

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Funny Goodbye Quotes

We really believe leaving this company is the first big step into a great future for you. We wish you lots of success.

I know that you are going to get an awesome salary in your new job but there is no guarantee that you will get awesome colleagues like us too. Do you still want to go? Farewell.

We were planning to throw you an amazing party next month and shower you with heaps of gifts but now that you’re leaving that’s not going to happen. So let us know if you change your mind. Farewell.

Dear boss, I hope our mischiefs didn’t shoot you away! Farewell, and best wishes for your new journey!

funny farewell message

Without a fun-loving co-worker like you, our after-work drinks will turn sober, quiet, and slightly more sophisticated. Goodbye buddy, we will miss you.

Now that you have stepped down as ship captain, who will sail us through choppy waters? Goodbye, boss.

We wish you lots of money and a loving boss in the coming future. So go now and never come back! Best of luck.

Thank you.. It touches me. Yeah, true friendship will never die. I really appreciate this. Awesome and really cool. I like it a lot. But it’s pretty sad to realize that I’m not gonna see my best friend for a long time.

I’m a little bit sad hearing that you will no longer be our boss but on the other hand, I’m happy to know that for sure you will be a good set of example in your new office as what you have shown to us. More power and God bless you!

Dear boss, in your new job, you will realize that dealing with us has never been a fuss when you come across more annoying employees than us. Farewell, dear boss.

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Saying goodbye to someone with whom you shared your 9 to 5 office hours working on late-night projects together is an emotional experience, and it can be hard for you to part ways. Whether your colleague is getting transferred or joining a new office, or your boss is going on retirement- never forget to share their glorious journey. You may feel low bidding goodbye to an awesome boss or colleague. But bid them goodbye with a happy face instead of being sad. Tell them how important and competent the person he/she was for the office. Do not let the thought of saying goodbye; bring up sadness. Remember that goodbyes don’t always have to be sad. Make sure to say goodbye by expressing your respect and gratitude towards them. Be considerate and send them off with a smile.