Dedicate These Bad Girl Quotes to the Bad Girl in Your Life

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Every guy wants a girl who is a good girl to everyone except him! Well, good girls get a lot of praise, but bad girls have more fun, that’s one thing for sure. Rules are boring, so it is better to carve your own path and dance to the beat of your own drum. With this collection of wonderful bad girl quotes, we hope you catch some humor as well.

Read along to read some of the best good girl gone bad quotes!

Men want their wives to be good always.

Good girls remain good until they are caught.

A bad girl was once a good girl.

A bad girl always falls for a good guy.

It is great to be a bad girl every once in a while.

Each woman in your life will teach you something, both good and bad.

Bad girls pave their own path!

Good or bad, a girl must be warned against!

I am a bad girl who does whatever she wants.

Good girl with a pinch of bad.

She isn’t a bad girl. She is just a little troubled.

Play the bad girl and have fun.

Bad girls have interesting flaws.

Movies give you a chance to be both good and bad.

I am seen as a bad girl because I am a blunt woman.

Even the good girls enjoy playing a bad girl.

Her nice-girl side is good, but her bad-girl side is the best.

Good girls have all the time to keep a diary, while bad girls don’t.

Most men do not like a bad girl.

If a good girl turns bad, she stays that way for the rest of her life.

I am neither a good girl nor a bad girl.

I am already lost in a bad girl.

Bad girls are the ultimate rebels.

Santa is always happy because he has the addresses of all the bad girls.

My habits make others feel like I am a bad girl.

These bad girl comments, along with quotes, will truly amuse you. Send them to your partner or group of friends and have a good laugh together. Make sure to add some more spice to the above bad girl quotes!

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