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Caption for Boyfriend

Caption for Boyfriend : Sometimes, the feelings of love and romance seems almost indescribable. The emotion can leave you eager to express what is in your heart and transmit your feelings to your loved one. You may want to tell your boyfriend how much you truly love him, yet often cannot find the right words. We know that expressing your thoughts and emotion to your sweetheart can leave you feeling tongue-tied sometimes. To help you get the deep loving emotion flowing here we have compilation of Caption for Boyfriend. You have the right captions to tie with your boyfriend’s photos and share on Instagram or Facebook. Find the perfect one and get ready to have a wonderful time full of romance.

Caption for Boyfriend

What will you do to make your guy happier and cherish your true love? Which gives you the special someone you have waiting for so long time, even better than a friend, to dance and dine with, someone to adventure with. Better you use any of this caption for boyfriend and cute love quotes for him that can make his day and show him how deeply you care.

You are my greatest adventure.

Listening to her heartbeat, ‘I love you’ He said.”

You’re that part of me I’ll always need.

Is he cute huh? Yeah, he’s mine and I’m psycho!

You are my sunshine in a cloudy sky, you make me so happy, darling.

I don’t need a knight in shining armor; a sweet boy in old jeans will do just fine.


I know you think I’m crazy. Maybe that’s because I am. About life, about this moment, about you.

His whisper was the softest sound I ever knew, which seemed to bring the loudest heartbeat.

Without His love I can do nothing, with His love there is nothing I cannot do.

You are my best friend, my human diary and my other half. You mean the world to me and I love you.

You cannot leave everything to Fate, boy. She’s got a lot to do. Sometimes you must give her a hand.

I don’t call you handsome, sir, though I love you most dearly: far too dearly to flatter you. Don’t flatter me.

Funny Caption for Boyfriend

Nothing could make you happy as the smile on your boyfriend’s face. In true love, nothing else matters. Really, nothing else. It’s the reason why you should apply funny caption for your boyfriend with his photos. This is a sweet way to surprise your boyfriend and it will be priceless. Try this!

He calls me beautiful like it’s my name.

Yeah, I know he’s cute but he’s mine. Touch him and I’ll kill you.

I didn’t fall for you, you tripped me and I landed in your arms.

Let’s cuddle so I can steal your body heat…

Give a girl a boyfriend and she becomes a total expert on relationships.


I like your last name. Can I have it?

I love you with all my butt, I would say heart but my butt is bigger.

But, my God, it’s so beautiful when the boy smiles.

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You are my glue. Without you, I’d be nothing but broken pieces.

I want you today, tomorrow, next week, and for the rest of my life.

He’s annoying he’s hilarious, he makes me yell, he drives me crazy, he’s out of his mind but he’s everything I want.

Sweet Caption for Boyfriend

Do not miss any chance to let your boyfriend know how much you love him. Make your guy realize that your love is not ordinary. And tell him you are the happiest girlfriend right next to him and your night has become a sunny dawn because of his unconditional love. We hope this caption for boyfriend will help you to express your feelings properly.

You will always be the miracle that makes my life complete.

Could I hold your hands for a moment, and your heart forever?

He makes my world go round and turns my frown upside down.

Within you, I lose myself. Without you, I find myself wanting to be lost again.

There is a warmth in your eyes, one I can feel even when you’re not around.

If someone asked me to describe you in just 2 words, I’d say… Simply amazing.


But I must admit, I miss you quite terribly. The world is too quiet without you nearby.

It’s when we kiss that I feel your blood within my veins and your heartbeat within my soul.

And don’t forget… I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

I held him close and said nothing, all the while telling him silently that he was loved. Oh, but he was loved.

Nobody loves a woman because she is handsome or ugly, stupid or intelligent. We love because we love.

You are my so dear one, whom I can’t leave behind. You will be always in my heart and I will love you, life after life.

Love Caption for Boyfriend

Life is all about love. Loving and being loved. Real love happens only once in a life. So, do care as much as you can to keep your love life happy and wonderful. Throw a romantic caption with the cutest photo of your boyfriend and make him feel the happiest person alive. You will find this romantic caption for boyfriend too cute to share with him.

Love is the heartbeat of life.

I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.

The curves of your lips rewrite history.

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It’s when I hear your heartbeat that I know that I am alive.

I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever.

Life without you is like a broken pencil: pointless.


I put a tear in the ocean; when you find it, I’ll stop loving you.

I fall in love with you every time I look into your beautiful eyes.

You are my North, my South, my East and West, my working week and my Sunday rest.

In search of that beat that my heart skipped when I first saw your beautiful soul…

If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say, I love you.

My love for you is like a circle—it has no beginning and will know of no end.

Dear, all the captions may seem little dramatic to you, but the meaning behind it is so damn deep. Feel confident to express your feelings to your boyfriend who is very special to you. Make sure you use this captions with the cutest photo of your man and share with him on Instagram, Facebook or in your Snapchat.

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