Best Friends Forever Quotes

Friendship is the most treasured relation out of all. We make friends with a lot of people in a lifetime but only a few become our best friends. Best friends are the people who understand and love us in innumerable ways. You can share anything to your best friend without any qualm. It is one of the purest relations. No one knows how exactly this bond is formed over the period of time but it becomes so special that you wish to cherish this person till the end of time. You can cherish them in many ways like buy them gifts, greeting cards or you can simply say that to them or give them a special note.

Here are some of the quotes you can send to your best friend and make him/her feel special. You can also Send your special friends some best quotes on this friendship day.

Friends Forever Quotes

Friends Forever Quotes
Friends Forever Quotes

I have many friends
Best of them is you
you are my favorite
because you are so true.

You are the definition of friendship. I have learnt so much from you from bunking classes to helping the needy. You have brought a major change in my life. I am so lucky to have you. I love you!

The best part about making friends with you is that you never fake in front of me. You show me the mirror and tell me the right path. You keep me grounded. Thank you for being my best friend. I love you!

I never thought I would end up being friends with you. I remember our quarrels and fights but I am glad that we became friends at the end.

best Friends Forever Quotes
best Friends Forever Quotes

Some conflict in friendship
Does not mean its end
Until my last breath
You will be my best friend.

You are my person and I will always be ready to murder someone across the room for you. I am always here whenever you need. Love!

You helped me through my thick and thin. You showed me the right path. You understood and loved me when no one else did. I owe you so much already. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you!

My life has been better since you came. You came in my life like a guiding angel and changed everything. I love you for being you.

best Friends Forever messages
best Friends Forever messages

You have always helped me
Please do one more favor
Never break our friendship
and become my friends forever.

You are my best friend and I have right to scold you when you do wrong and laugh with you when you fall down. Don’t worry I will pick you up when I am done laughing. Love!

Cheers to us for being best of friends since childhood. In the era of frequent break ups we showed people the meaning of true friendship. I love us for that!

Best friends are meant to make bad decisions together. Here’s to us and creating so many evil memories out of our stupid decisions.

best Friends Forever wishes
best Friends Forever wishes

Sometimes I think you are wise
Sometimes I laugh at your stupidity
But one thing is sure
Our friendship will have lifetime validity.

We don’t get much time like we used to because of the busy schedule but I am glad that we at least manage to stay in contact after all. We did not let our relation suffer because of hectic work. I miss you!

One thing is for sure that we are going to last because no other person can tolerate us in a way we put up with each other. I love you!

From bunking classes, arguing with each other over stupid things, gorging on street food to working daily, talking less to each other and preferring health food. We have indeed grown up. I miss you, loser!

Friends Forever Quotes

Our understanding is good
and our friendship is strong
Your friendship is the best
I wish it will last long.

I would find and pick you in every lifetime because we are meant for each other. I love you!

You are not a different person but a part of me because you always know what is going on in my mind. Thanks for being my ultimate mind reader.

The best part I like about us is our telepathy. We simply look at each other and know what other is trying to say. I love you!

I remember us bitching about everyone in the class. I miss the fun. I will specially wake up from my death bed to listen you bitching about someone.

I don’t have to say “I love you” to you frequently because you know that I already do and few feelings do not ask for justification.

I am glad we are best yet low maintenance friends. We understand each other’s busy schedule yet be there for each other in need. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Some people run to God and say numerous of prayers in the time of hardships. I simply call you and plot an evil story with you.

We have made so many bad decisions in life that hell might be waiting for us already.

You are my best friend and I get real jealous when someone else calls you that. You are mine and I love you to the moon and back.

Best friends are meant to insult each other in face and praise behind the back. Thank you for always insulting and correcting me.

I owe my success to you. I remember the days when you used to make me understand things and urge me to work hard. It is all because of those never-ending lecture that I am doing good in my life. Thank you!

You always told me the things bluntly which I was scared to tell myself. Thank you for always giving me the best.

We have been friends for so long that I don’t know which one is the bad influence. It has to be you though.

We are best friends and I will always annoy you till the end of time because you have earned it.

Life may get tough but I wouldn’t care because I know you will always be with me when things go wrong.

I am very grateful to God for sending you in my life. I must have done something real good in my past to get you in this lifetime. I love you!

Being your friend was the best decision I ever made and becoming your best friend was the best plan of the destiny. I have been so lucky!

Who needs a lover when I have a friend like you? You are my forever. I love you!

We hope you guys liked all these friends forever quotes. These wishes are truly made for the best friends. You may also like friendship day quotes and friendship day memes. and friendship day images. You will definitely find all these friends forever quotes are according to your feeling for your true friends.

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