Baby Shower Thank You Wording: Tips, Ideas, and Examples 31 Sparkling Ways to Wish People a Happy December

Unlike many age-old traditions, a baby shower serves a practical – nay, essential – purpose. It helps the parents-to-be acquire some of the many items they need for the new arrival. This shower of gifts is crucial when you consider the sheer amount of stuff required to care for a newborn (not to mention all those cute optional baby things that are practically irresistible).

None of this is news to you if you’ve recently been on the receiving end of a baby shower. If that’s you, you’re probably overflowing with gratitude for the gifts given by friends, coworkers, and/or family members. Now it’s time to show it by saying thank you.

There are a couple of types of baby shower thank you message you can send. One is a message to someone who has given you a gift, which is a must. The other is a message thanking everyone who attended, which is optional but a pretty nice thing to do. Whichever type of message you’re pondering, this article can help you find the perfect baby shower thank you wording.

Examples of baby shower thank you wording

Individual Thank You to Gift Giver

As any etiquette nag will tell you, a message thanking someone for a gift should be personalized. In other words, it should 1) be sent to each person individually, 2) thank the person by name, 3) mention the specific gift that person gave, and 4) possibly even say why the gift is valuable or meaningful to you. Here are a handful of examples to illustrate.

Andrea, I’m so happy you were able to come to my baby shower! The baby bib you gave us is awesome. I’m sure baby will enjoy spitting up on it many times in the coming years. Thanks!

Tom and Ellen, thanks so much for the baby monitor! That was one of the first things we registered for, and we’re so glad we can cross it off our list.

Jenny, thank you for the baby blanket. It’s so soft, I’m sure baby is going to love it. The fact that you made it yourself blows us away, and makes it all the more special. Again, thanks!

Melanie and Juan, thanks for sending us the great baby bouncer. I’m looking forward to seeing baby bounce in it, instead of bouncing around in my belly!

Hey Betsy, thanks for coming to my baby shower. The onesie you gave us is hilarious – you know me too well! I’ll be sure to send you a picture of the little guy in it when he’s out of the womb.

To All

Here are some thank you messages to send out to everyone who attended the shower. Again, for people who gave gifts, a mass email or Facebook post is no substitute for individual thank you’s. These messages are more about thanking people for their attendance immediately after the shower.

Note: Messages like these are a good place to recognize the person who organized the baby shower. However, it’s also good form to thank the organizer individually.

Thanks to everyone who came to my baby shower yesterday, as well as those who sent gifts. We got so many items we needed! Extra special thanks to Wendy for hosting. You guys really are the best!

I want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who came to my baby shower on Saturday! Also, thank you to everyone who sent gifts and well wishes. And of course, thank you to Michelle for organizing and hosting. The baby supplies we received are very much appreciated, and will definitely be put to good use. Again, thank you everyone!

Thanks to everyone who came to my surprise baby shower on Saturday! You got me! Who would have thought you all could keep a secret like that? We truly got showered with items from our registry. We’re so grateful for all those gifts, but more than that, for having amazing friends like you!

For Coworkers

Here are a couple of thank you messages for coworkers following an office baby shower.

Just want to send a quick thank you to everyone who came to my baby shower on Friday. Thanks to your generosity, we are stocked up on diapers for… well, probably not as long as we think! But still, we’re so grateful! A special thanks to Ellen for organizing things. I’m so lucky to have coworkers like you!

Just want to make sure everyone knows how much I appreciate the baby shower last week. That was so much fun, and I can’t tell you how grateful Rick and I are for all the amazing gifts. I couldn’t ask for better coworkers than you. A special thank you to Jen for organizing, and to company for allowing us to use the conference room. Again, thank you all!

If you want to give someone (the host, for example) a special thank you, consider sending a token gift. One idea is to send candy with a quirky message attached.

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