An Illustrious List of Retirement Cake Sayings Vow Renewal Invitation Wording: Ideas and Examples

Figuring out what to write on a retirement cake isn’t easy. Retirement is a big moment in person’s life, and the top of a cake is a small space on which to commemorate it. Given the challenge before you, you might even be tempted to go with “Happy Retirement,” and leave it at that.

Resist that urge. Coming up with a clever retirement cake message requires a little extra work, but it’s small touches like this that make a retirement party extra special. Besides, we’ve put together the following list of retirement cake sayings, so you really have no excuse to take the lazy route. Use these wording ideas as-is, or as inspiration for your own personalized inscription.

Retirement cake messages ranging from heartfelt to hilarious

Simple and Sincere

Here are some straightforward wording ideas for a retirement cake. Some are on the formal side and thus more appropriate for a workplace event, while others are more casual.

On to New Adventures

Now the Real Fun Begins

Having Fun is Your New Job

Retirement is the Icing on the Cake

You Will be Missed

Best Wishes For a Happy Retirement

The Adventure Begins

Retirement is Sweet

[Name], You Take the Cake!

Thanks For the Memories

You Made It!

The Best is Yet to Come

And… You’re Off!

The Future Is Yours

Lazy Days Ahead

Thanks For Your Years of Service

Off the Clock… For Good

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

The Rest of Your Life
Is the Best of Your Life

One Chapter Ends…
Another Begins

We Miss You Already

Life Starts at Retirement

[Name] is Outta Here!

Wishing You All the Best, [Name]

Enjoy Your Retirement
You’ve Earned It!

So Much Fun is Coming Your Way

Newly Retired
Ever Admired
Congrats, [Name]!

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Funny retirement cake sayings are always a big hit (though not always appropriate for a workplace event). Here are some humorous options.

Unemployed and Loving It

Take Us With You!

Goodbye Tension
Hello Pension

Retirement is a Piece of Cake

Showering is Now Optional
(But Still Recommended)

Piece at Last

Happy Retirement… You Old Fart

PTO = Permanent Time Off

Enjoy the Shit Out of Your Retirement

Goodbyes Are Hard So… GTFO

Who Needs Weekends? You’re Retired!

Now You Can Sleep In

We Will Miss Your Bad Jokes

Eat Up, [Name]
You’re on a Fixed Income Now

Work is Gonna Suck Without You

Now You Have No Excuse Not to Work Out

Enjoy Those 7-Day Weekends

Now is When You’re SUPPOSED to be Lazy

Who Will Bring Us Donuts Now?

Congrats on Your Escape

Rock Those Sweatpants
You’re Retired!

Your Last Office Party Evah

There’s a Park Bench With Your Name on It

You’re Retiring? No Fair!

Work is For Chumps

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For Teachers

Here are some short sayings to put on a cake for a retiring teacher.

School’s Out Forever

Thanks For Making a Difference

Effort: A+
Kindness: A+
Compassion: A+

You’ve Graded Your Last Paper!

Assignment: Relaxation

For Nurses

Finally, here are some cake messages for a retiring nurse.

Retirement’s Nice

[Number] Years of Compassion

Rx Many Years of Relaxation

Enjoy Retirement

Your Shift is Over. Congratulations!

Need some invitation wording ideas to go with your retirement cake sayings? You’re in luck – we have an article for that, too.

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