A Big List of Birthday Cake Sayings How to Say Happy Birthday to Your Sister-in-Law

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How many times has this happened to you? You call the bakery to order a birthday cake for your child/spouse/friend/other and the person on the other end takes down your details. Then it comes:

“What would you like us to write on that?”

The question is a reminder that, yes, you can put something other than “Happy Birthday” on a birthday cake. Of course, if you’re not prepared, you probably just go with the old standby and try to shake off the feeling that you could have done better.

This list of birthday cake sayings is for those who want to do better, whether they’re writing the message themselves or placing that call to the bakery. The following sayings run the gamut from congratulatory to cute to funny – and best of all, they’re all short enough to fit on a typical birthday cake.

Ideas on what to write on a birthday cake


Here’s a handful of “Happy Birthday” alternatives that work for just about any age.

[Age] Years of Awesomeness
[Age] Years of Sweetness
Oh Snap!
You’re [Age]!
The Best is Yet to Come
Look Who’s [Age]!
You’re [Age]!

Older – General

Here are some sayings for people who are middle aged and older. Many of these messages are funny and edgy in poking fun at the birthday girl or boy. Use with caution!

R.I.P. David’s Youth
Aged Like Fine Wine
Turning [Age] is a Piece of Cake
[Age] Years Young!
[Age] Years Old
Still Kickin’
Older Than Dirt
[Age] Years Old
Still Crazy
Happy 29th Birthday
Old Fart
Young at Heart
You’re Too Old to Eat This
Over the Hill
You’re Never Too Old For Cake
Still Rockin’ After [Age] Years
You’re Not Old
You’re Vintage
To [Age] Years of Memories
[Age] Years Old
Still Not Acting [His/Her] Age
[Age] is Just a Number
A Very BIG Number
Older But No Wiser
Don’t Worry
I Won’t Tell Anyone You’re [Age]
Holy @#$%!
You’re [Age]!


Looking for a sweet or romantic birthday message for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse? Here are some birthday cake messages for your sweetheart. Needless to say, these are best used for a private birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday, Baby
You Are Sweeter Than Frosting
Eat Me
[Age] Years Old and Still Sexy
[Age] Years Old
Getting Better All the Time
Happy Birthday!
You’re God’s Gift to ME
For My Favorite Person
So Glad You Were Born

If you’re looking for ideas on how to wish your sweetheart a happy birthday, see this article.


Some birthdays hold more significance than others. If the birthday boy or girl is celebrating one of the biggies, the birthday cake message should mark the occasion appropriately.

16th Birthday

Happy Sweet 16
16 is Sweet
Legal to Drive
Watch Out!

21st Birthday

Happy Barfday
Legal to Party
Eat Cake
Drink Beer
Have Fun
You’re 21!

30th Birthday

30 and Nerdy
Your 20s Are Overrated Anyway
You Survived Your 20s!

40th Birthday

Oh Lordy
Look Who’s Forty
Fine, Fabulous & 40
Fabulous at 40

50th Birthday

Happy Half Century
Nifty at Fifty
18 Years Old
(With 32 Years of Experience)

60th Birthday

Sexy at 60
Welcome to Geezerdom
Happy 70th!
You Look Great For Your Age

70th Birthday

70 = Lucky x 10

100th Birthday

Congratulations on Your 100th Birthday!
What A Century!

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Celebrate your sister from another mister.

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