51+ Happy Birthday, Auntie! 50+ B-Day Wishes

51+ Happy Birthday, Auntie! 50+ B-Day Wishes

Aunts come in all different types. There’s the eccentric aunt, the nurturing aunt, the sassy aunt, the fun-loving and adventurous aunt, the stylish and sophisticated aunt, the bookworm aunt, and so on. Regardless, they all have one thing in common: When their birthdays roll around, they want to hear from their nieces and nephews.


First off, here are some succinct birthday wishes for Auntie. These short messages come in a variety of styles, from sincere to silly.

Happy Birthday to my aunt, with whom I share many fabulous qualities.

Happy Birthday to the best aunt ever! Hope you have an amazing day!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, classy, and smart-assy aunt!

Happy Birthday to my amazing aunt! You inspire me!

One of the classiest ladies of all time was born on this day. Happy Birthday, Auntie!

Happy Birthday to my Super Cool Aunt. Hope your day is packed with fun!

Happy Birthday, Auntie! Thank you for being my guardian angel.

Happy Birthday to a truly sweet lady who you do not want to mess with. Love you, Auntie!

Happy Birthday to my nutty Auntie!

On this day, one of my all-time favorite ladies was born. Happy Birthday to my incredible aunt.

Happy Birthday, Auntie! Thanks for being consistently awesome!


Here are some some sweet birthday wishes for a special aunt. For more ideas, see our “Happy Birthday, Beautiful” article.

Happy Birthday, Auntie! First you were like another mom to me. Then you were the best babysitter ever. Then you were a role model to look up to. Now you’re one of my best friends. Happy Birthday to a wonderful aunt who has always been exactly what I needed.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful aunt. You’ve been a big part of my life right from the beginning, and I’m so grateful for that.

Hope you have the best birthday ever, Auntie. You’ve always been there for me. On your special day, I want you to know how special you are to me.

Friend, role model, and second mother all in one awesome package… Happy Birthday to my Auntie, who is important to me in so many ways!

Best birthday wishes to my fantastic aunt. No one could ever take your place, Auntie. You’re so special to me.

An aunt is like a mother, sister, and best friend all rolled into one. Hope you have the amazing birthday you deserve, Auntie.

Happy Birthday to an amazing lady! I’m fortunate to have such a kind-hearted and supportive woman in my life. The fact that she’s my aunt makes it all the better.

Happy Birthday to my aunt, who just keeps getting more and more amazing with each passing year. Hope you get everything you want for your birthday, Auntie – you deserve it!

When it comes to being an awesome aunt, you take the cake! Happy Birthday, Auntie!

Happy Birthday to an extraordinary aunt. You do so much for others, I hope you take some time to relax and do something for yourself today.

Don’t worry about getting older, Auntie. As far as I’m concerned, you’re aged to perfection. Have a Happy Birthday!

I wish I could be there for your birthday, Auntie. I’ll have a birthday hug and kiss ready for you the next time we meet. Have a fantastic, fun-filled day!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful woman, who I’m proud to say is my aunt. Love you, Auntie!

On your big day, I just wanted to let you know how much I love having you as an aunt. You’ve been there for me since the day I was born, and have helped make me the person I am. Thank you! Love you! Happy Birthday!


Want to give your aunt a good laugh on her birthday? Here are some funny birthday messages designed to do just that.

Hope you enjoy a nice glass of wine on your birthday, Auntie. And by nice, I mean unusually large. And by glass, I mean bottle.

Aunts are like moms, but with better clothes. Hope you celebrate your birthday in style, Auntie!

Happy Birthday to my favorite aunt. Hey, just because you’re my only aunt doesn’t make it any less special.

I’ve been awaiting your birthday with great aunt-tipcation. Hope you have an amazing day.

Happy Birthday, Auntie! Thanks for all the birthday cash you’ve given me over the years. Sorry I can’t return the favor.

Happy Birthday to the only person who has fought with [Mom/Dad] more than I have.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Auntie. Thanks for letting me get away with you-know-what and for not letting you-know-who know about that other deal with the thing.

Hope you have a great birthday, Auntie. And thanks for doing your part to raise me – I know getting me to adulthood intact had to be a real team effort.

Happy Birthday to my fantastic aunt! Mom always said I took after you. Although, come to think of it, I’m not sure that was a compliment.

Happy Birthday, Auntie! You are now officially over the aunt hill.

Happy Birthday, Auntie! You’re like another mom to me, but with 50% less nagging and 50% more fun.

Hope you have a normal day on your birthday, Auntie. I say that because a normal day for you is full of laughter, fun, and madcap adventures.

Happy Birthday, Auntie! Lie about your age all you want. You have bribed me sufficiently over the years to get me to keep my mouth shut.

Happy Birthday to the lady who single-handedly makes family gatherings interesting. Keep stirring shit up, Auntie!

Happy Birthday to my aunt! I’m glad she’s always been on my side, because she would be frickin’ scary to have as an enemy!

Great Aunt

Here are some birthday wishes for a great aunt.

Happy Birthday to a lady who really puts the “great” in Great Aunt. Hope your big day is, well, great!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Great Auntie. You’ve been setting the standard in this family for years, and the rest of us just keep failing to live up to it!

Best wishes to my brilliant Great Aunt on her birthday. Auntie, I hope you continue to dazzle us all with your wit and wisdom for many years to come.

From a Niece

Here are some birthday messages to an aunt from her niece.

Happy Birthday to my lovely aunt. I hope I look half as good as you when I’m your age.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful aunt… from your favorite niece!

Beautiful, talented, smart, fun… but enough about me, it’s your day! Happy Birthday to my aunt, who’s soooo much like her awesome niece!

Happy Birthday, Auntie! Still looking as hot as ever!

From a Nephew

And finally, here are some birthday wishes for an aunt from her adoring nephew.

Auntie, I was going to get you something expensive for your birthday, but then I realized: Just hearing from your favorite nephew is all the gift you need. Right?

Happy Birthday to my smart, talented, and all-around amazing aunt! I’m so proud to be your nephew!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing aunt in the world… from her appreciative nephew.

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, and let you know how lucky I feel to be your nephew. I might only say it once a year, but I feel it all the time. You’re amazing.

So, as a niece or nephew, you might be asking yourself: What makes a good birthday wish for my aunt? It depends on what your aunt is like, and more importantly, what your relationship with her is like. To help you find the perfect message, we put together this big, wide-ranging list of birthday wishes for good old Auntie.

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