40+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

Children bring happiness into our lives. Babies are little angels sent from heaven. They make our life cheerful and worth living. Parents welcome their child with enthusiasm as a new era of their life and take care of the child to the fullest. Babies spread happiness in the entire family with their little feet.


    1 Happy Birthday wishes for Baby Boy

    1.1 From Mother:

    1.2 From Father:

    1.3 From Others:

    First birthday of a child is always special and parents try best from their side to render it earmarked for their baby boy. Good wishes are always needed on the first birthday. Wishes and blessings are gifted to make the future of the child a better place. Here are some of the best collections of birthday wishes for baby boy which you can send on their birthday.

    Happy Birthday wishes for Baby Boy

    From Mother:

    I knew you even before you saw this world. You will always be special to me in every way. I cannot be more than happy on your first birthday, my little prince. Happy Birthday to you. May you live long!

    You are turning ONE and I couldn’t deduce where the time went by. You made our life worth living. Happy birthday, baby. I wish you a life full of happiness and love.

    I remember the first day when I saw you and I instantly knew that you were going to be my first priority. I love you more than what these words can define. Happy Birthday.

    My heart stopped beating for me the day you were born. It started beating inside you. My world revolves around you. Happy birthday, my world. I love you!

    You are the centre of my universe. You will always be my little child no matter how old you get. Happy first birthday, my little boy. Wish you lots of love.

    I feel so blessed to see you grow up. I cannot believe you are one already. Thank you for coming into my life and making it beautiful. I love you. Happy Birthday, baby.

    The time shall keep on passing and soon you will grow up into a man. I want to treasure every bit of your journey and rejoice it till I die. Happy birthday, my little prince.

    Happy first birthday, baby. Your mother loves you more than anything in this world.

    Life will test you in numerous of ways when you grow up but I always want you to remember that your mother will always be your side no matter what. You can always count on her. Happy Birthday, baby. Wish you a life full of happiness and love.

    You are my lifeline. I never knew what love was until I saw you. You are everything I ever asked for. Happy first birthday, my boy. I love you!

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    From Father:

    Being your father is the best job I ever got till this date. I promise to fulfil it with utmost sincerity and love. Happy birthday, my little one. I love you!

    As your father, I promise to fulfil all of your wishes. You have given a definition to my life, my prince. Wish you a very happy first birthday.

    Me and your mother are very lucky to have you in our lives. I haven’t been this happy in my entire life. Thank you for coming in our lives. Happy Birthday, my boy.

    I cannot wait to watch you grow up into a gentleman. Happy Birthday, my baby boy. Much love to you!

    I might not be much expressive like your mother but I want you to know that I will always love you regardless. I will always be there for you like a rock. You can always count on your father, little boy. Happy Birthday.

    I cannot wait to relive my childhood with you and play video games together. I cannot wait for the day when you take the entire house down because you beat me in it. I am ready to fail a zillion times to see you laugh and smile. Happy first one, my boy. May you always be happy!

    Your smile is my biggest therapy. I wish that you always keep smiling. Happy Birthday, baby. Love you!

    As a man, you will come across many things in life. I know you are too little to comprehend at this moment but I want you to know that you are tougher than any situation life throws at your way. Someday when you come across this piece of paper I want you to remember that you are the reason of your father’s existence. You made him so happy that he couldn’t contain the happiness in his heart. Always be happy for him. Happy birthday, my life. I love you!

    I promise to always pamper you and protect you from every obstacle in life. I will always try my best to be the best father in the world. Happy Birthday.

    I want to thank you for making me a father. I never knew I will be so happy in life until you came. You are my shining star, my boy. Happy birthday to you.

    From Others:

    As your elder sister, I promise to always scold you and love you to the extreme. I cannot wait to play games with you and run behind you for your naughtiness. Happy birthday, brother. I love you a lot!

    I have never seen your parents this dependable and happy. You have altered them in every way, little boy. Happy Birthday and much love from your uncle.

    I feel so blessed to hold you in my arms. I feel the luckiest when you tiny eyes shine bright on seeing my face. You are my life’s greatest gift. I wish you a life full of happiness. Happy Birthday. Love, from your grandma.

    I always wanted a little brother with whom I can fight and play video games. God listened to me and sent you in my life. Thank you God for sending him in our lives. Happy birthday, little brother. I love you!

    Grandchildren are very special. I can see a reflection of my son in you. I feel so lucky to relive his childhood with you. I promise to always protect you from his scolding. Happy birthday, my boy. You can always count on your grandpa.

    You made our life bright and happy. May you have a life full of happiness and love. Happy Birthday.

    Do you have any idea that how much your tiny smile mean to us? It can solve any problem in this world. Happy Birthday, baby. Your aunt loves you dearly.

    I want you to know that your sister loves you the most. Together we will set the world on fire. We are a team, okay? I will always love you the most. Happy Birthday.

    You are growing up so fast. I want to see you grow up but I also want to freeze time to adore your innocence to the fullest. Happy Birthday, little boy.

    Happiest birthday to the best baby in the world. Wish you abundant happiness, love and success.

    You may not be able to remember your first Birthday. But you will always feel amazing that we celebrated it for you. Happy Birthday Baby Boy

    Although you kept us busy in changing your nappy. You are turned one year, we are so happy. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby BOY
    Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby BOY

    You eat anytime, You poop anywhere. Congratulations on completing one year of a King’s life.

    Whenever someone looks at you just For a while. You steal their heart with a cute smile.

    40+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

    You are as cutest as a child may be. You are a loving kid and wonderful Baby.

    40+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy.

    A smile like you can never be bought with a price. When you do call me mamma it feels nice. Happy Birthday, Baby Boy.

    I Forget all your squeals and all your shit. When you talk so cutely with a hit. Happy Birthday wishes for you.

    We will treat you with pamper and love. May you become successful and Behove. Happy Birthday Baby

    40+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

    After you came in the world. You have become our world. Happy Birthday to you.

    40+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

    I have seen you from all the different angles. Your aura is divine and you look like angels. Happy Birthday wishes for you.

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