37 Happy Birthday Wishes for Niece turning a year Older (and Wiser)

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“Nieces are like sunshine on a rainy day.” – Catherine Pulsifer

It’s that time of the year to show your love to your niece more than ever. With all the excitement that comes with her birthday, you should plan to give her a memorable treat on this day besides sending her one of our famous birthday wishes for nieces.

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Maybe you’re wondering how you can help your niece to celebrate her birthday in style. There are so many ways to pamper her on this day to make it epic. If you’re looking for happy birthday wishes for your niece and things to do for her on birthday, you’re welcome.

Happy Birthday for my Niece Quotes and Birthday Card Images

Inspire yourself and your niece with lovely happy birthday quotes for niece. Spend some time together just sharing happy birthday wishes for niece with her and she will appreciate your time. You may even have some printed and framed quotes for her to take home. She will keep them in her room together with the photos you took as a memory of you.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Niece

Happy Birthday. I’m so lucky to have a wonderful niece like you in my life. I love you!

birthday wishes for niece images

Wishing you a lovely day. Happy Birthday, dear niece!

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Happy Birthday to my special niece. You are a gift to the world. Have a great birthday.

you are a gift to the world

Happy Birthday. Sending you a special birthday wish to my wonderful niece. Enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday to my sweetest niece! Wishing you a great year!

Happy Birthday To My Dear Niece. Hurray! It’s your special day! I’m wishing you a day full of happiness and a year full of love.

Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Niece. I hope your day is filled with fun and lots of sweet surprises! You are amazing and I love you so much!

Warmest thoughts and best wishes I want to send you today, let’s take a blissful cheer for this is your day!

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Niece

These angels are coming your way… Happy Birthday!

happy birthday niece meme

I wish you the same happiness you have generously given. Happy Birthday, Niece!

inspirational birthday wishes for a niece

Happy Birthday To My Awesome Niece. It’s your day to sparkle and shine! May your birthday be as dazzling as you are. Enjoy every moment to the fullest!

its your day to sparkle and shine

Do not let anyone ever brings you down. You are incredible. Happy Birthday, dear niece!

You are so little right now but you have brought unimaginably large amounts of happiness in our lives. Happy Birthday!

The relationship between you and me is not about the smiles and laughs. Happy Birthday, my wonderful niece!

I hope your special day is blessed with the sunshine. Happy Birthday, dear Niece!

Wishing you a happy celebration and a great year ahead. Happy Birthday, Niece!

Birthday Wishes for Niece on Facebook

To my wonderful niece, Happy Birthday! Your dreams are all beautiful and I hope so many of them come true this year!

birthday wishes for niece on facebook

May all your days be filled with Happy Memories. Happy Birthday, caring Niece!

may all your days

I am so grateful for having a niece like you. Happy Birthday!

For a favorite Niece on her Birthday. When you were a little girl I already knew that someday, a beautiful woman you would grow into, my niece. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Awesome Niece!

You are my lovely Niece whom I can say – cute, energetic, expressive, impatient and naughty too! Happy Birthday!

Dear Niece, I just love having you in my life. Happy Birthday!

You’ve been a wonderful Niece to me. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Niece Poems

A niece is a wonderful blessing! Happy Birthday, my Niece!

birthday wishes for niece poems

Happy Birthday, Dear Niece!

happy birthday niece poems

Birthday Greetings for a Niece as nice as you!

My beautiful Niece, you shine like the stars. Happy Birthday, Niece!

Hope your day is as wonderful as you are. Happy Birthday, Niece!

A special wish that your Birthday brings all your very favorite things. Happy Birthday, Niece!

Wish you many sweet moments that you’ve brought into my life. Happy Birthday, my Niece!

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Niece

For My Niece, Happy Birthday. You are more beautiful with every passing year. Celebrate with your whole heart today and enjoy each and every moment to its fullest.

Happy Birthday To My Sweet Niece. May the sun shine brightly on your very special day, and may you always know your true worth. You are a brave and beautiful soul. I wish you the happiest of birthdays, and wonderful year!

To My Fabulous Niece, Happy Birthday. You meet every new year with grace and strength. I am inspired by your ability to find the good in everyone and everything. Enjoy today to the fullest, and do something extra special for yourself.

Happy Birthday to a Niece who is brilliant, creative and perfect!

I just want to say Happy Birthday and forever blessings to my very own Niece today!

If I would have had a Daughter, I would have wanted one like you.. I admire you in so many ways and hope all your Dreams come true. Happy Birthday Niece!

You’ve put a smile on my face so many times, I hope I can give you one in return on your big day. Happy Birthday, my Niece!

Cute Things to do for your Niece’s Birthday

If you want to be in the good books of your niece, make her birthday a special occasion. Your aim is to create beautiful memories for her and make her happier on this day. Through this, you may become her fave uncle or aunt. Impress your niece on her birthday with these cool ideas and sweet happy birthday wishes for niece:

Buy her a cute pair of tees

Tag your niece along with you to a kids’ clothes store. Let her pick her favorite tees. You’ll be surprised that your niece will truly love your simple gift. She always remembers this experience with you. It’s also wise to let the store attendant know it’s for birthday. They may pick up something great for the big day.


If you’re good at role-play, it is one of the most memorable things a kid will never forget. It is so interesting and fun if you’ve some role play costumes to match. The beauty of it all is to get your niece to be more creative. You can get kids’ role play costumes for her.

Bake a birthday cake

If you’re good at baking, this is your day to decorate your niece’s birthday cake. Make it colorful and include her favorite flavor in the ingredients. Your message of happy birthday wishes for niece should be clear on the cake.

happy birthday wishes for niece

Let her invite her friends over to party together. Don’t forget to get some birthday hats for the fest. However, if you’re not a baking enthusiast, you can still get a special birthday cake from a bakery. Make sure you go for it together. Make the birthday cake party an annual culture with your niece.

On your niece’s birthday, treat her to a beauty salon

It’s not only adult girls who love finer things on their birthday. A makeover at a salon can give her a memorable experience. On this day she can have her toenails painted with her favorite color as well. Tell her how beautiful she looks with the new hairstyle. Don’t forget to take photos together. This will be part of her lifelong memories.

Latest Disney movie treat

Entertainment is something very interesting for all of us at any age. If you got some time with her, take your niece out to watch one of the latest Disney movies. You can get her something to bite or sip as she gets entertained. Kids will always remember what you do for them.

Happy birthday wishes for niece messages

Readout all the messages of happy birthday wishes for niece from friends and family. A birthday celebration cannot be complete without a “happy birthday song.” Recite that sweet song for your niece and she will be very happy. Personalize the song to make it fun and lovely. Kids love singing and this is your opportunity to sing together.

Kids’ themed park

happy birthday niece poems

Most recreational parks have kids’ themed fun activities. Let your princess enjoy a horse or camel ride, face painting, merry-go-round, and much more. With many kids in attendance, she will feel much at ease and free. Your niece will really make fun to her satisfaction

Take your niece to a restaurant for her birthday

Kids love to be pampered and a little of this on her birthday won’t do any harm. You can spoil your niece on her birthday at affordable costs. Allow her to order her favorite food. Treat her nicely to feel special and valuable. What’s more, she will live to remember your warm personality and kind gesture.

happy birthday to a wonderful niece

Listen to her stories

Sometimes the only cute thing your niece loves more is to tell you stories. Listen attentively to her and applaud her effort. The stories may not mean much to you but definitely means the world to your niece. Therefore, allow her to tell it all and show honest curiosity.

Besides, even kids can have stories that can teach adults a lesson. If she wants you to tell her a story, look for an interesting one to share with her. Kids love stories and your niece is no different.

Buy your niece a small gift

This is her special day and she expects a present as well. A small gift of jewelry from you will go a long way in making your niece happier. You don’t have to break your bank but she will find it special to her.

birthday wishes for niece images

Write her a note with happy birthday wishes for niece

A handwritten happy birthday note from you will remain immortal in your niece’s memories. Write something sweet and pick lovely messages of happy birthday wishes for niece from our collection to include in your note. Tell your niece how special she means to you.

Make your Niece’s birthday special

You should try to make each birthday for your niece more special than the previous one. Choose from our list of fun activities to do for your niece and an amazing collection of beautiful happy birthday wishes for niece. Your niece will expect you to spoil her a little and this is where you should never disappoint her.

Of course, her parents should be aware of your planned treat for your niece. There are many subtle ideas and ways to lit up your niece’s birthday at budget-friendly costs. If you can try all the above ideas, you’ll always be the first on the list of invites for your niece’s events including parties. She will always be longing for her next birthday celebration with you.

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