37+ Best Easter Wishes for Family and Friends

Easter Wishes for Family and Friends

Happy Easter to my family and friends. Wishing you all a blessed and fun-filled Easter Holiday.

May Jesus Christ bestows us with bountiful happiness and inner peace. Happy Easter to all my family and friends.

Happy Easter to you and your family. I wish you joy, peace, love, and happiness on Easter and always.

Easter is all about peace, forgiveness, love, and be thankful for all the gifts of Jesus. Happy Easter 2021!

Happy Easter to your family from ours. Have a joyous Easter and delightful spring.

Easter is here. My bunny is way bigger than yours; it is going to lay more eggs. Yay! Happy Easter!

Easter comes every year with a reminder from Jesus to never lose hope, even in our dark days. Have a blessed Easter.

Happy Easter Sunday. May this Easter brings us joy and happiness and renews the faith in life to aspire for a better future.

On this joyous day, let’s pray to Jesus to arise in our hearts and bless us with His guidance. Happy Easter.

Easter means more calories. But all worth it today. May we get more Easter eggs and happy hugs. Happy Easter.

It seems like all those chickens are jealous of my Easter bunny. May you have a happy Easter Sunday.

May you be forgiven for those stealing, on this Easter gift chocolate to them from whom you stole chocolates before. Happy Easter.

On this Easter, don’t bully children to get chocolates. I will send you some, so share them with your family. Happy Easter Sunday!

Easter Wishes for Your Family

Happy Easter to all my family member. Thank you for always being there for me.

Happy Easter to my family. My Easter celebration wouldn’t be the same without you here by my side.

Easter deems as a renewal of life. May the grace of Jesus bestow us with love, happiness, and unwavering faith. Happy Easter!

The blissful day is here, my dear ones. Wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend.

On this holiest day, may our family and all others unite in love and peace around the whole world. May you have a great Easter.

Easter is the day to show gratefulness to God, who has gifted me such an amazing family. Happy Easter to you all.

Easter gives us the reminder of unconditional love and sacrifices made by Jesus. May our family be blessed and forgiven by His grace on such an auspicious occasion.

Easter guides us towards the light of God and paints our life with new colors. Happy Resurrection Day.

May the spirit of Easter blooms in your heart and helps you in your way. You all are precious to me. May Lord grant your wishes on this happy day.

The joyful blessings of God we get during the Easter holiday may stay with us the rest of the days. Happy Easter 2021!

Easter is not only about eggs and candies. It is more about love, peace, remembrance of God, and family.

May the beams of Easter take away all your burdens, sufferings and replace them with happiness and love. Happy Easter.

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Easter Wishes for Friends & Family

Happy Easter friend. I wish you and your family a happy Easter celebration and lots of fun together.

Wishing you and your family a happy easter. I hope the joy of Easter and the hope of resurrection reaches you and your family.

Happy Easter to you and your family. The essence of Easter is to spread love, joy, and forgiveness. May this Easter bless your family with grace.

Happy Easter to your family from ours. May the blessings of Christ bring you all you need this Easter.

On this beautiful day, May Jesus bless you and your family with the greatest gifts of life- love and peace. Happy Easter, My friend.

May you and your family get to experience the renewal of love and happiness of Easter. Happy Easter Sunday!

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Spring renews nature just like Easter renews our faith and hope. Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter.

May God fills your home with plenty of love and happiness. Hoping this Easter brings your family health and good fortune. Have a great Easter.

Easter means the renewal of hope and love. Sending the happiest Easter Sunday wishes for you and your family.

Easter brings the chance to find the renewal of hope, love, health, and the holy spirit of God. Happy Easter to you and your family.

I hope this happy Easter makes your life as bright and joyful as springtime. May God fill your and your loved one’s heart with joy, peace, and harmony. Happy Easter.

On such a blissful day, May the blessings of Almighty shower upon you and your family. Happy Easter, Dear.

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