35 Patriotism Quotes to Inspire Love and Dedication for Your Country

Patriotism is the purest form of devotion one can show for one’s country. It is such an emotional bond that no patriotism quote can describe it properly. It’s fair to say that some of the sentiments to be found in these patriotic quotes have had the power to inspire people to make huge sacrifices for their nation.

Patriotism is a holy love for your country.

When you feel for your country, you are a patriot.

Patriotism is a matter of sacrifice for a greater cause.

True patriotism requires lifelong dedication.

Patriotism can’t be imposed.

No nation can be built without patriotism.

Don’t confuse patriotism with nationalism.

Unlike nationalism, patriotism means sharing responsibilities.

Patriotism is an unusually powerful force.

The best soldiers are motivated by patriotism.

A country in trouble often inspires patriotism.

Only progressive patriotism can capture the essence of a nation.

Real patriotism means a deep commitment.

There is no liberty without the blood of patriots.

Patriotism can help us to rise above our personal losses.

A true patriot is willing to serve his country to the death.

A deep love of country can put us in difficult situations

Patriotism means putting your country first.

Through patriotism, a man shows loyalty to the values of his country.

Loving your country may put you in opposition to those who run it.

Nothing is more opposed to individualism than patriotism.

There is no need to flaunt our patriotism.

Depending your perspective, patriotism is both a virtue and a vice.

Patriotism often inspires a feeling of superiority about your country.

To a patriot, there is no other place like home.

We can show our love of country by our commitment to work.

Patriotism means caring deeply for a whole country.

Love of country doesn’t necessarily mean love of government.

The highest demonstration of patriotism is sacrifice.

A patriot holds the highest position in a country.

Criticizing one’s own country can also be considered patriotic.

Patriots do their best for their country without expecting anything in return.

True patriots want their country to be a force for good.

Patriotism means having the courage to recognize when your country is wrong.

There can be a fine line between patriot and revolutionary.

As thinkers as diverse as Mark Twain and Malcolm X have pointed out in the quotes above, being a patriot should not mean blindly following the philosophy of “my country, right or wrong”. True patriotism implies a deep love for one’s country that not only desires the best for one’s fellow countrymen but also demands that the country should pursue its aims with honesty and integrity. We hope you’ve found these quotes on patriotism both entertaining and thought-provoking!

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