30 What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes

The laws of karma are applicable under all circumstances. Whatever we are giving to others is going to return back to us. It often comes back multiplied. Hence, you must be mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions. These “what goes around comes around” quotes are perfect for understanding the inescapable laws of karma.

Here is our selection of “what comes around goes around” quotes.

Our lives conform to what we believe.

You don’t always have to fight back ill-treatment towards you, karma will do its work.

Whatever goes around is always going to come around.

Whether people realize it or not, they’ll have to face the consequences of their actions.

Our reality is our thoughts and perceptions manifested.

The laws of karma are inescapable and always in effect.

Karma punishes wrongdoers.

By doing good, you’ll attract goodness into your life.

Give to others only what you’ll like to receive in return.

Positive thoughts and actions create positive results.

We always receive the fruits of our thoughts and actions in several-fold.

Karma ensures that we reap how and what we have sown.

In the end, karma is always real.

To become like Buddha, you must break the cycle of cause and effect.

Whatever you give is always going to return back to you.

You have the ability to control your reaction to any situation.

You never truly lose anything good that you give away.

Treat other people’s homes with as much respect as your own.

Karma can be delayed but it is inevitable.

It’s always better to let go of revenge and allow karma do its work.

Only those who give live a life of true abundance.

Giving enriches our lives.

Many people understand and believe in the laws of karma.

You’re always going to receive what you have put out.

You can’t run away from the results of your actions.

By being a positive person, you’ll attract positivity into your life.

We are always reaping the consequences of our thoughts and actions.

It is better not to hurt insects in any way.

Don’t get caught up in the cycle of cause and effect.

What you are giving away is always going to return back to you.

These what goes around comes around quotes show us that we are responsible for our own lives as we are constantly facing the consequences of our past thoughts, words, and actions. Hence, you must treat others well.

We hope you got touched by our collection of “what comes around goes around” quotes.

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