30 Violence Quotes That Inspire You to Remove All Forms of Violence from Your Life

Violence is a destructive force – nothing good can ever come out of it. It’s not strong men but the weak ones who resort to brute force to make their point. A violent man is nothing less than a savage beast. These violence quotes inspire us to remove all forms of violence from our lives. Only when our society, family, and country have become completely violence-free can we claim to be truly civilized.

Here is our selection of quotes about violence.

Only the weak and incompetent resort to violence.

Violence can’t be ended with more violence.

Violence is not good in the long-run.

Our own feelings can be the most frightening.

Violence is never an effective strategy.

Violence indicates faulty ideas and goals.

Sometimes violence is necessary for peace.

If violence became the norm, humanity would perish.

Soldiers protect the peace.

Violence is irrational behavior.

Poverty is a form of mental and emotional violence.

Black people are subjected to violence.

Lasting peace will never happen through violence.

Proponents of truth should never use violence.

Violence as an act of self-defense is justifiable.

Violence can’t always be avoided but is always unjust.

Violence is the last resort.

Violence is more common than we realize.

Violence distracts us from our goals.

Power can tempt many men to be violent.

There is nothing dignified about violence.

Education can help reduce violence.

Violence creates more problems than it solves.

Violence is a punishment when there is blame.

Verbal attack comes from irrational thinking.

Violence makes people forget their humanity.

Government violence is called ‘law’.

Playing a sport helps us channel our aggression.

Violence in any form is savage behavior.

We need to put a permanent end to violence.

These violence quotes show us how violence is a negative and destructive force. Temporary victories might be achieved through violence, but a lasting peace will never be secured by using force. We must strive to always act from a place of love, peace, and harmony.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of quotes on violence.

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