30 Vampire Diaries Quotes and Sayings

The Vampire Diaries is an extremely popular teen drama TV series. It is based on a book series of the same name. The Vampire Diaries tells the love story of a teenage girl, Elena Gilbert, and a 162-year old vampire called Stefan Salvatore. These Vampire Diaries quotes encapsulate some of the best and most unforgettable dialogues from the series.

Here is our selection of The Vampire Diaries quotes.

The right things are usually the hardest to do.

You’ve saved me with your love.

I’m placing my trust in you.

It’s not easy to be in love with someone.

Nothing is harder in life than losing the person you love the most.

It takes strength to keep smiling when things aren’t going well.

Trust that you have the strength to face and overcome all challenges.

Pouting hardly ever looks attractive on a grown woman.

Even the most sinister person has some good qualities.

Love nourishes and sustains us.

Most people feel a massive vacuum in their life.

It’s not that easy to start trusting someone.

Truly living means doing the things you fear most.

We all want a love that is overpowering, passionate, and all-consuming.

It’s difficult to forget the pain of heartbreak.

Reality destroys romance.

There is nothing worse than losing yourself.

Life is meaningless without love.

You don’t need a reason to love someone.

Keep my love in your heart forever.

Some ideas are bad only because they were executed poorly.

We can’t be selfish towards the person we truly love.

Be careful when making promises.

You can’t be in love with every person that you care about.

If someone truly loves you, they’ll never abandon you.

Love finds you when you are not even looking for it.

Some people are just not capable of fulfilling our expectations.

I want to be your lover for the rest of your life.

If you can love, then your soul can be saved.

Sometimes, it’s worth risking everything to get to know someone special.

These Vampire Diaries quotes offer a lot of interesting insight into life and love. Loving someone is never easy, but at the same time, life is meaningless without love. True love compels us to risk everything for the sake of a loved one – just like we witness in this interesting TV series.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of TVD quotes.

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