30 Transgender Quotes and Sayings

A transgender person is someone who identifies strongly with the opposite gender of their birth sex. It’s a gut-wrenching experience that has transgender individuals face a lot of stigma in our society. A lot of prejudice prevails in our world against transgender people. We hope these quotes about transgender people will help you empathize with the transgender community and have compassion for their challenges.

Here is our selection of transgender quotes:

Making transgender songs can be an enjoyable experience.

Love and respect the transgender community.

Stop stigmatizing transgender people.

Life is tough for transgender teenagers.

There is nothing wrong with being transgender.

Most parents have a hard time understanding and accepting a transgender child.

Only men know men.

Parents should accept a transgender child for who they really are.

A child’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with their parents.

Transgender people should be accepted by this world.

Transgender people suffer from gender dysphoria.

Accept and respect the transgender community.

Most transgender individuals are born that way.

We need to be honest with ourselves.

A transgender who embraces her/his true self can inspire others.

A transgender person identifies strongly with the opposite sex.

Don’t be afraid to fully embrace your transgender identity.

Transgender people are just as human as anyone else.

Every person should have the freedom to truly be themselves.

Transgender people are born with unique gender inclinations.

Discriminating against transgender people is a civil rights issue.

Only a strong person can openly own their trans status.

The transitioning process is very difficult for any transgender individual.

There is a biological reason why some people are born transgender.

Being gay, lesbian or transgender or bisexual is more common than we realize.

The most important thing in life is to be yourself.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community is often quite vulnerable.

Transgender people deserve our empathy, not disdain.

Kids are often more empathetic than adults towards transgender issues.

A lot of parents completely reject and abandon their transgender kids.

These quotes about transgender people show us that being transgender in this world can be a very difficult experience. One has to bear prejudice, criticism, and bias at every stage of life. There is a strong need in society to accept superficial differences while embracing our core humanity.

Do you have any favorite quotes from transgender individuals?

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