30 Tongue Quotes and Sayings

Thanks to the tongue, we are able to express our thoughts through the medium of speech. Most people have a hard time holding back their tongue. They speak without thinking enough only to regret it later. These quotes on tongue compel us to think about the power of the tongue and our responsibility to control its utterings.

Here is our selection of tongue quotes.

Our eyes often betray lies we speak.

Never speak when you are angry or provoked.

So many people habitually speak evil.

Silence is necessary for high-level thought.

The orator has greater power than the writer.

Most people can’t restrain themselves from talking.

Women are good at attacking others with their words.

People who speak too much don’t think rationally.

Your words have a great influence on others.

Love and kindness are the antidotes to slander.

Speaking too much does nothing but give birth to conflicts.

People generally tell the truth when they’re drunk.

Hold yourself back from saying anything that you might regret later.

Words spoken carelessly can destroy the most powerful relationships.

Don’t say anything when you’re under emotional stress.

Wise people listen more and speak less.

Sometimes you have to decide whether to speak up or remain silent.

We are supposed to be listening more and speaking less.

Civilization exists largely because of language.

It is hard to be funny when you’re communicating in a foreign language.

It’s not easy to hold your tongue back.

An arrogant person has a sharp tongue but only speaks empty words.

Be straightforward in your speech.

The tongue can cause an emotional massacre.

A willingness to learn is the key to progress.

It’s hard to make amends for harsh words spoken.

Speak from your heart.

The pen allows you expression through writing.

Love is expressed through the eyes.

Words written by a liar aren’t to be trusted.

These quotes on tongue show us that there is great power in the spoken word. Gentle soothing words can embalm a bruised soul while harsh words can shatter a person to their core. Be careful with what you say and always think twice before using your tongue.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of tongue quotes.

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