30 Timeless Quotes on Watches and Time

Wearing a watch is like wearing a symbol; a symbol of style, elegance and character. Watches play an important part in our lives and have been part of human history since the 1500s. In modern society, they tell us not only the time but are also a representation of a person’s flair and status. It is no wonder many people are obsessed with owning a stylish, quality watch!

Below we have 30 quotes about watches for all you watch lovers out there to enjoy.

Unlike jewelry, watches are both aesthetic and useful.

Watch quotes like this one explain how people become slaves to time.

Everything happens in its own time, you cannot race time.

Stay focused on your goals and don’t worry about time.

Jewelry is just a form of decoration, but a watch tells a story.

This watch quote reminds us to value time.

Time is a trickster, even watches cannot agree on the time.

We must decide how to use time and not let time use us.

A good quote about watches and how precious time is, with life passing by so quickly.

There is no other device that can take the place of a watch.

Stop living in the past and make full use of the present moment.

It is the little things that have the biggest effect on our lives.

A watch says a lot about your position in society.

A cheap watch does the same job as an expensive watch.

The watch you wear is symbolic of your character.

We believe our own viewpoint is always the correct one.

Watches quotes like this one are a metaphor for how we only notice things when they don’t go right.

The simpler our life is, the happier we are.

Watches tell time and time tells the story of our lives.

Seek friends that are honest and as reliable as a watch.

Watches show us the time, but humans show love.

Classic quotes on watches about Rolexis, not just an ordinary watch, it represents status and style.

The type of watch brand you wear says a lot about your social position.

I gave you so much but you didn’t even notice me.

A watch reminds us of how wisely we are using our time.

Don’t let individual differences cause conflict.

It is better to live in the present than be anxious about the future.

Watches are like a piece of art.

A watch helps you to plan in advance.

A quality watch is harder to find these days even though everybody has one.

Watches are loved by people all over the world and they not only remind us of the importance of time but also tell a story about our personal style and character. We hope you enjoyed these watches quotes which remind us about the timeless grace of watches and what they represent.

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