30 Time Heals Quotes and Sayings

It has been said that time is the most powerful healer that can alleviate all our pain and suffering. While it’s true that time can help us come to terms with our wounds, it certainly can’t erase the memory of painful experiences. We hope these “time heals” quotes will inspire you to think about the power of time and its ability to reduce our suffering.

Here is our selection of “time will heal” quotes.

Contrary to popular belief, time doesn’t heal our wounds.

Time might heal our wounds, but it can’t alleviate our sadness.

Time changes us and dissolve our conflicts and differences.

Actually, time cannot heal all wounds.

It might take an extremely long time to heal one’s wounds.

Time might heal our wounds, but it can’t turn back the clock.

Time isn’t always a good healer.

It’s silly to believe that time heals.

The idea that time heals our wounds is a lie.

Time can reduce our pain, but it can’t heal our wounds.

Time helps you learn lessons from each heartbreak and get better.

Time might reduce our pain, but it can’t erase our wounds.

Time will heal your wounds.

If you have the right intention, time can heal everything.

Healing happens with time, not with logic.

Time is the ultimate cure for our problems.

Love is the true healer, not time.

Time either heals your wounds or helps you embrace them.

Time doesn’t heal; it merely alters the memory of the pain.

It’s hard to believe that time is the ultimate healer and redeemer.

Listening to music over time can be a healing experience.

Time doesn’t heal but helps you adapt and manage things better.

Healing takes place over time with the grade of God.

It can be helpful to believe that time can help you heal.

All heartaches fade away with time.

Time can ease your pain and help you heal.

Time helps us come to terms with our pain.

Both time and opportunity are essential for healing to take place.

The passage of time can reduce our pain.

Time, practice, and love are essential for healing to take place.

These “time heals” quotes show us that time can help ease our pain. It can help us find a way to manage our emotions better. The memory of painful experiences might not go away, but they become less disruptive and disturbing.

Do you believe that time heals?

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