30+ Three-month Anniversary Quotes to Share With Your Partner

So you’ve made it three months into your relationship and you don’t think it’s an achievement? Well, making it through three months an achievement you should be proud of. Relationships have their challenges, and a good relationship is one that can withstand adversity. Go out and celebrate your 3-month anniversary with your friends. Grab a drink and dance like the world belongs to you!

To help you celebrate, we have collected some of the best 3-month anniversary quotes for you to share with your partner.

Love is an amazing thing.

An amazing relationship is one that makes you hope for many years together.

We pray that you have many more times like these.

Be the reason your partner smiles every day.

Fate brings people into your life when you least expect it.

When you’re looking forward to your future together, you know your relationship is strong.

It’s only a quarter of one year, but every journey begins with a single step.

Relationships are about loving your partner as he/she is.

Cheers to the three months of greatness we have spent together!

There is nothing better than spending time with someone you love.

Having a partner who’s always there for you can make you feel safe and loved.

Good times fly by.

It takes time for partners in a relationship to feel truly comfortable with each other.

Pure love is what everyone hopes for.

Love is giving your all to your partner.

Love is wanting to never leave your partner’s side.

You give me a reason to smile every day.

Being with someone you love can make time seem to go by too quickly.

Love can bring more and more happiness each day.

Be the reason your partner finds and pursues their dream.

A loving relationship can make you feel incredibly happy.

Treat your relationship like a precious stone and it will survive almost anything.

The foundation to a strong relationship is embracing your partner as he/she is.

A loving relationship makes every day more beautiful.

Love your partner without restraint, and your relationship will be all the stronger.

Be the reason your partner enjoys life to the fullest.

Your love should increase with every day you spend with your partner.

Happy relationships are about appreciating every second you spend together.

If you truly love someone, you’ll have a hard time seeing a future without him/her.

Anyone who finds unconditional love is incredibly lucky.

How do you think your partner will react to the 3-month anniversary quotes and messages we listed for you? Whatever the reaction, we hope you have a blessed 3-month anniversary.

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