30+ [Sweet] Baby Birth Announcement Text Messages

When a baby is born, it brings immense joy not only for the parents but also for the friends and family. So, the baby announcement message needs to be sent to everyone to let them share in the celebration. CWe have collected the 30 best baby birth announcement text messages below to help you in just such an occasion.

The birth of a baby is a blessing.

How wonderful it is to welcome a baby boy into the family!

Our little prince needs nothing but your kind prayers.

Giving birth to a cute baby is the most wonderful experience.

Finally, our dream of having a baby came true.

A baby is the best gift a parent can get.

Having a baby is incredibly exciting.

Having the baby you’ve been waiting for is a dream come true.

Nothing could be nicer than having such an awesome baby in our lap.

A newborn is a ray of sunshine unlike any other.

We are doubly excited to announce the arrival of our twins.

What could be a bigger announcement than the arrival of our baby?

We are glad to announce that the 9-months-long wait is finally over.

Our baby girl is eagerly awaiting your hugs and kisses.

We can’t believe how complete we feel after the birth of our baby.

Gone are the days when our baby was still in Mommy’s tummy.

It’s a proud moment for us to welcome our baby girl into this world.

Please join us in welcoming our lovely little princess.

We can’t contain our overwhelming happiness at giving birth to our little angel.

How brightly our little baby is shining!

The arrival of our baby feels like a delightful miracle.

We’re excited to tell you about the arrival of our precious baby.

We are sure that our little princess will keep us happy all year long.

We are sure that you haven’t seen a cuter baby.

 All appreciation goes to God for blessing us with our baby boy.

Giving birth to such a sweet child makes us feel very proud.

Our little angel finally joined us a few hours ago.

Don’t hesitate to let the world know about our wonderful baby.

Soon, we will be heading home with our precious little baby.

No words could explain the perfection of my baby.

Writing and sending a birth announcement message is an exciting experience for anyone. It fills everyone in the family with joy. That joy is multiplied each time you share it with someone else in your life. So, choose the baby birth announcement text message you like the most and share it with the people you love.

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