30 Suicide Quotes and Sayings

There is nothing more tragic in life than when a human commits suicide. Challenges come in everyone’s life. We should find the courage to persevere instead of contemplating the idea of giving up on life. These suicide quotes show us how sad and tragic it is when an individual decides to kill himself.

Here is our selection of quotes about suicide.

The family of a person who commits suicide suffers enormously.

All the possibilities of life come to an end when committing suicide.

Don’t kill yourself!

Don’t forget the reason why you’re in this world.

When a person commits suicide, you remember nothing but their death.

Sometimes, people commit suicide to stop the pain.

Suicide attempts are generally a cry for help.

The loved ones of a person who commits suicide suffer the most.

All problems are temporary, but suicide terminates life itself.

Many people contemplate suicide during the hardest times of their lives.

Suicide means giving up on life.

Staying alive requires more courage than committing suicide.

Some people care too much about other’s opinions.

A person commits suicide when he fails to embrace the meaning of life.

Everyone has contemplated suicide at some point.

Boredom can make one to contemplate suicide.

People try to stop their pain by committing suicide.

It’s not that hard to find a reason to commit suicide.

You shouldn’t commit suicide because a few things aren’t working.

People commit suicide when they feel their life isn’t worth living.

Everyone close to a suicide victim is affected.

Life will be more bearable if you have a sense of humor.

Getting drunk is nothing short of suicide.

You can either choose to live or die.

The people who refuse to face their challenges commit suicide.

The idea of suicide compels one to permanently give up on life.

Suicide is a mental health issue.

A failed suicide attempt can make life complicated and pathetic.

Don’t make matters worse for a person who’s already suffering.

Suicide is not a solution to life’s problems.

These suicide quotes make it clear that killing oneself is not a viable solution to life’s problems. We should also realize that suicide attempts are also a cry for help. No one wants to kill themselves. People just want their lives to become better and when they can’t find a way to do so, they think that killing themselves is the only solution.

Are there any “suicide is real” quotes that resonate with you in particular?

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