30 Sorry Quotes for Her to Express Your Apology

No matter how sweet your love story may be, once in a while you will both hurt each other. You might come from different backgrounds and have different opinions on things. These disagreements may never be intentional, but they are unavoidable.

When hurt feelings are left unattended, it can lead to serious resentments, which in turn can damage the love and trust you both share. Sometimes, to avoid all those, a simple and sincere apology may be all that is needed. Here is a list of sorry quotes for your girlfriend.

Each of the following quotes has a lesson and that lesson teaches something very important about an apology: it must be sincere. Let’s take a look at some beautiful sorry quotes.

The past is gone, the deed has been done and cannot be undone.

What your girlfriend wants to hear eventually is that you are sorry.

If you have made some mistakes, be determined to right the wrong.

Remind your wife or girlfriend how much she means to you.

Let her know that you are willing to wait until she forgives you.

Reassure your girlfriend or wife that you weren’t intentionally hurting her.

Subtly remind your wife of your own imperfections.

Your future is dependent on each other even if you disagree.

It is okay to show your vulnerable side as well.

A woman needs reassurance after each fight.

She needs to understand that it was just a spur of the moment.

Let her know that you will turn a new leaf.

One of the best forms of apology is to tell her how much you need her by your side.

A good sorry quote for her shows that you never meant to hurt her.

This quote reminds them that they are cherished, loved and appreciated; this is a sure way back to her heart.

Maybe she is waiting for your apologies even if she is the one at fault.

A woman needs to feel important; she needs to understand that she’s contributing something valuable to the relationship.

Subtly and tactfully let your girlfriend know that forgiveness is healthier than holding a grudge.

If given the opportunity to do it all over, would you really want to hurt her that way? If not, send a sweet sorry quote to her now.

Usually, a lack of appreciation for your girlfriend or wife is what brings a fight.

Learn to say sorry even if you feel like it is not your fault.

Trust is something you earn gradually but lose easily.

Let her know that you made a mistake.

If you simply take the blame, your fight will end sooner.

selfishness is like a poison to a relationship.

Ask her for a second chance.

Reassure your spouse that they still bring joy to your life.

Screaming and shoving have no place in a relationship.

Admit that they are better than you and you should have treated them better.

A sorry quote for your girlfriend can’t be complete without telling her how much you love her.

If you want to be forgiven by your girlfriend or wife, you must really mean what you say. It must be evident by your actions that you are indeed sorry for hurting them. Remember that love wins eventually.

You have to learn your lesson from your fight and learn from your mistakes. This way, you will be able to avoid many future fights. References:

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