30 Songs Lyrics About Relationships That Will Make You Listen to Them on Repeat

Music is food for the heart and soul. And when people experience emptiness, they go to their playlist with favorite songs. Because the lyrics can relate to their emotions on an intense level. So if you’re in love, these songs’ lyrics about relationships will excite your passion within.

Your eyes are the gateway to the truth inside you.

Nothing will come between us, because you’re part of me forever.

Don’t worry, I’ll always be there for you.

Love is all you need to face anything in this world.

You are the only person I ever loved in my life.

I want to live inside your heart forever.

You are the only person who makes me feel alive.

You embrace me and it makes my heart skip a beat.

After all these years, the only one I want is you.

I love you and I can’t focus on anything else.

You fill my life with all the happiness in this world.

I want to know everything about what you’re feeling.

You make me feel like putting a ring on your finger.

I wish you were a star in my lonely sky.

The days seem longer when I need you, and you’re not here.

Many years have gone by since the last time I saw your beautiful face.

You are irreplaceable, and no one touches my heart as you do.

To me, you are always looking so beautiful.

Distance doesn’t matter, you only have to let me know where you are.

We won’t ever change, even if the entire world changes.

Have faith in yourself, you are beautiful on the inside too.

You always save me from the harsh realities of the world.

We always fight like animals, but make love, like lovebirds.

Let’s stop fighting and start loving each other.

Despite falling apart, we get closer to each other even more.

I can’t be myself when you are away from me.

No one knows where life leads until love comes and holds our hands.

You have become the key to my peace of mind.

Without you, everything in this world is meaningless.

I just want you to love me all the time.

After reading the lyrics of relationship songs, love, and affection have new meaning. They make you realize there is much more passion to experience in a relationship. So, share songs about relationships with your special someone. Because they are perfect for developing and increasing intimacy in your love life.

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