30 Songs About Toxic Relationships

Relationships can contribute a great deal to our happiness and wellbeing. The wrong relationships can suck peace and happiness out of our lives. Yet, there is something incredibly addictive about toxic relationships. These songs about toxic relationships explore the dynamics of such connections.

Here is our selection of toxic relationship songs.

Sometimes, you are possessed by love.

Love can drive you insane, but you still want it bad.

It’s hard to end a toxic relationship.

Your lover can reveal your past wounds.

Sometimes, you’re crazy about someone who’s not good enough for you.

Jealousy can drive a person crazy.

Your obsession with someone can make you do crazy things.

Sometimes, a relationship is a toxic mix of love and hate.

You continue missing the person who has used you.

Love can be very painful.

A toxic relationship can be seriously addictive.

You just keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

You can’t change the other person.

It’s toxic when you fight a lot with the person you love.

Sometimes, you’ve just had enough.

True love will always come back to you.

Sometimes, you just want to let things go.

You feel you’ll regret letting your partner go.

In a toxic relationship, you are attacked in several ways.

It’s painful when your lover leaves you for another woman.

You need someone but you don’t admit it.

You want to stop getting hurt.

You don’t want your partner to leave you.

You feel compelled to help even when your lover doesn’t want help.

Sometimes, you know that saying goodbye is the best thing you can do.

Sometimes, you can’t stop being obsessed with someone.

A lot of times women test men.

You know when you’ve had enough.

You want to do your best to save a doomed relationship.

Sometimes, you feel too competitive in a relationship.

These songs about toxic relationships show us that some relationships are just not healthy for us. Fear is usually the greatest reason why people choose to remain in relationships that aren’t good for their mental, emotional or spiritual health.

Do you know any other songs about being treated badly in a relationship?

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