30 Short Welcome Messages to Greet People Courteously

A welcome message is a nice way to let people know how pleased you are to have them with you – be it in your office, your home, your shop or any other places. It can be short but still needs to express your delight properly. The short welcome messages collected below can be used as a great example.

It’s great to have such an intelligent person as you among us.

Your presence is deeply influential for me and I appreciate that a lot.

We are pleased to welcome such a talented person as you to our team.

It’s always nice to share our life’s journey with you.

It’s awesome to welcome you all under the delightful sun!

Nothing pleases us more than welcoming your presence among us.

It’s an honor to come together and welcome you all to our event.

Everyone around you is very pleased to welcome you aboard as one of our friends.

No words are enough to express our overwhelming excitement at welcoming you all.

Nobody deserves a warm welcome more than a loyal customer like you.

With customers like you, we hope to build a big, happy family.

Nothing pleases us more than welcoming and satisfying a customer like you.

We feel privileged to be of service for whatever things you may need.

You won’t believe how happy we are to have you in our family.

Now that you are back, our anxious hearts can finally be at peace.

It’s very exciting for us to consider you a part of our team from today.

Having you in our team makes us optimistic about the future.

We hope that you will have the best time being with us.

 We are pleased to welcome one of our favorites to our house.

We are delighted to have you back home!

Your delightful presence makes us all excited and happy.

Welcome back. Our home is all yours.

All of us are happy to have you among us with your great potential.

Please accept my heartfelt welcome on behalf of every one of us.

 It’s great to see you back from your adventures in good health.

Every new member of our community is an opportunity for us to contribute more.

I feel blessed to be able to gather all my students and their families together.

 Please accept my welcome as an opportunity to advance further in life.

 Welcome to a year full of learning and self-improvement.

It’s a great day for us to welcome you on board our company’s journey.

A welcome message is not only good to greet people, but also enables us to start a conversation on a good note. While you can get away with something pleasant in other circumstances, you need to think carefully about your short welcome message for customers. If you don’t get it right, it could push customers away and negatively affect your business.

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