30 Short But Sweet Wedding Invitation Messages

Any wedding calls for a very special wedding invitation message. In the age of technology, you don’t really have to print it out on paper. You can just search “wedding invite messages” and copy the one you like. To make it even easier, we have already collected the best ones below.

Our wedding day won’t be the same without you there.

As a beloved friend, you must share in our joy.

We want to share this new chapter of our life with you and your family.

As you inspired us to get married, you must be present at our wedding.

It will be an honor to have a friend like you celebrate with us.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our wedding.

Although our plans are a little…unfinished, we know we want you there with us.

Please don’t be afraid to be yourself at our wedding.

Please bring yourself and your whole family to celebrate my brother’s wedding.

My son would be very pleased to see you at his wedding celebration.

 You’ve been here with us all along, so you must be at our wedding, too.

 The couple embarking on a romantic journey would love to have you at their wedding.

 It will be a pleasure if you come and join us to celebrate our marriage.

 We hope you will share in the joy of our daughter’s wedding.

 Your presence at our wedding would be a great support to us.

Please join us by the sea to commemorate our wedding celebration .

 Come and share in the fun of their wedding vows.

 And to think this all started with sitting in a tree. .

 We’ll be making our vows before God, and we want you to join us.

 You don’t need to know who made the proposal, just come to the wedding.

 Please join us as we thank God for making our union a reality.

It would be awesome to have you witness us making our vows.

 We are sure that your presence would add to our wedding celebration.

 Please be present as we begin our journey to living happily ever after.

 Come and join us for a drink and some bad wedding dance moves.

 You are cordially invited to join us at our wedding reception.

 If you attend our wedding, I’ll gladly let you pull my ears.

 We can’t wait to have you at our fun-filled beach wedding.

We and our families would love to see you at the wedding.

 We hope you’ll celebrate with us as we create our very own love song.

Considering how no two weddings are the same, it’s obvious that you would want your wedding invitation message to be as personal and unique as possible. So, pick any of the marriage invitation messages listed above and personalize it as you please. You can also always use one as it is written here.

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