30+ Receiving The Award Quotes

Recognition of your hard work in the form of a medal of honor or some graceful award is the best moment to reckon with. Just imagine that you are a poet receiving the Medal of Honor award for the inspirational poem you shared. During the award ceremony, you might feel anxious enough to lose confidence while being on the stage. So to help you overcome this disastrous impact, we have come up with the best thirty award quotes that will help you share your deep-seated emotions for this lifetime achievement. So here they are:

I thank you for the recognition of the brilliance of my poem with an award.

Thank you so much for giving me another moment of gratitude on life with this award.

I appreciate this unique gesture of an award for my poem. Thank you.

My gratitude to you for this unique award spells no bounds. Thank you.

This award in recognition of my poem’s greatness makes me feel I’m valuable.

You have explicitly shown the essence of my poem by giving me an award deserving of gratitude.

You have bestowed the greatest of virtues by awarding me with this recognition. Thank you.

Thank you for this award in the response of liking my poem.

This award shows a great appreciation of the arts in your thoughts. Thank you.

This was nothing less than a pleasant surprise for me. Thank you.

This award is nothing less than a huge round of applause for me. Thank you so much.

I never quit in my pursuit of excellence in poetry. So thank you for this recognition.

This award is an appreciation of the deepest beliefs of mine expressed in my poem.

I feel duty-bound to return this award and a token of appreciation in the form of another poem.

This award shows that the work of diligence expressed in my poem is appreciated.

Thank you for all the support during the tough times of writing this marvelous poem.

This award achievement is also the recognition of others’ support for me.

Thank you for making me the guest of honor and appreciating my poem.

I want to pay my words of gratitude to all the people who considered me worthy of this award.

The reception of this award is nothing less than a memorable day for me.

I feel the best person in the world for this award in recognition of my poem.

The award just shows that you’re all appreciative of my humble efforts.

Thanks for this token of appreciation.

This Medal of Honor has aroused in me the desire to work more and more.

This award has shown me that I remained courageous in the face of difficulties. Thank you.

I thank you for considering my poem worthy enough of a medal of honor.

Thank you for your support during my journey towards the Medal of honor.

This is the first time that I’m receiving this Medal of honor and it’s great for me.

My dream of achieving the Medal of honor in recognition of my poem has come true.

I just worked hard to write this beautiful poem regardless of the consequences.

We are sure that after reading these thank you for the award quotes you must have felt an abundance of words to share with the audience if such a moment comes when you get the opportunity to receive such an award.

At this moment, you just need to go through these quotes about the award that will help you receive the Medal of honor with pride, happiness, and gratitude. So never stop working hard for the achievement of this Medal of honor and make yourself and the people who support you proud.

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