30 Quotes to Help You Overcome the Paralyzing Effect of Fear

Isn’t it amazing how we confront dreaded situations and events that sent a chilling and paralyzing fear down our spine, yet it turned out to be a harmless mirage? In a famous fear quote, fear is defined as “false experiences appearing real”.

You will agree with me that fear is a complicated emotion people usually feel; whether it’s a toddler being scared of bugs or an adult being scared of monthly bills, we all have our fair share of scary situations.

Below are some common quotes about fear that will give you a clearer perspective on what fear is and how to handle it.

Fear is a hurdle we must scale in our journey to true enlightenment.

A fearful mind is a cut-off from progress.

Every generation has its fair share of fears, and the fear of the unknown is a common denominator.

Fear has no respect for age.

When you master your fears, you see life from a greater perspective.

Great men had their fears too; they just didn’t allow it to paralyze them.

When you face and overcome your fear, a better version of you emerges.

Our fear is an expression of a deficiency in our understanding.

This fear quote shows that fear is an exaggeration of reality. It makes an ant appear like a monstrous dinosaur.

There is no progress in fear; there is only progress in the conquering of it.

Subdue your fear and transmit courage to those around you.

The human mind loses its power in the moment of fear.

Fear is strengthened when you sit back and analyze too much.

You must face your fears to make progress in life.

Living in fear is deliberately robbing yourself of the exciting and adventurous side of life.

Set your eyes on the rewards that overcoming your fear brings.

Conquer and demystify your fears one after the other and you will walk in full confidence.

The fear of change keeps you in perpetual mediocrity.

The fear of the unknown is simply the fear of a change from the status quo.

Fear of the unknown occurs when you refuse to explore further into unfamiliar areas.

Living in fear stops you from living your dreams.

There is no courage without fear. Courage is simply the overcoming of fear.

You have the power to kill your fear or keep it alive.

You cannot overcome your fears when you are idle about it.

You begin to conquer fear when you face your challenges directly.

Fear gives us sleepless nights while faith gives us the power to live.

When you are faced with a fearful situation, don’t just sit back in fear and do nothing about it.

Failing after trying something new is better than not trying anything at all.

Fear is the greatest inhibitor of human potentials.

You torture yourself when you decide to live in fear.

From these quotes on fear, it is obvious that any effort we make for progress in life brings us face to face with our greatest fears. We have to overcome them to become a better version of ourselves. Share these amazing quotes with your friends and family!

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