30 Quotes to Help You Move On After Getting Hurt

There are times when people hurt you and leave you feeling sad and depressed. Below are 30 hurt quotes to express your true feelings. This is one way you can understand why you are unhappy and eventually move on in life.

Even if you are hurt, be in control and manage it.

You need to understand if the person who hurt you is worth having any feelings for.

Speak out about your hurt feelings with these hurting quotes, as keeping quiet will only hurt you more.

Hurt is hurt. You cannot quantify it as being more or less hurtful.

Remember that if a person truly loved you, they would feel hurt too.

People might hurt you. So you must prepare yourself for it.

Only people who are close to you have the power to hurt you.

Even though you are unhappy, you have to move on with your life.

When you get close to a person, you become vulnerable.

Even if someone has hurt you, do not show them how you really feel. This will take away the feeling of success from that person.

You may be hurt, but do not let it overpower you. Remember that you deserve much better.

When someone hurts you, it means that he does not realize your value.

Nothing hurts more than the fact that you are not good enough for someone.

You have to realize your true potential and move ahead in life.

This love hurts quote shows us that those hurt us intentionally do not care about us.

It is alright to feel sad and hurt. It does not mean that you are weak, it only means that you are human and have feelings.

The actions of people that hurt you more.

The mental agony of being hurt can be more painful than any physical torture.

People who take love for granted hurt us the most.

Just because you are feeling hurt, you may express negative feelings towards other people.

Remember that those who hurt you do not deserve your time.

You shouldn’t hide your true feelings just because you are afraid of getting hurt.

It is painful when your loved one is not with you.

It hurts to know that things will not always be the same.

People should think about other people’s feelings when they interact with each other.

Rather than feeling unhappy about being hurt, understand that this incident is over, and you can move on now.

You are stronger than you think you are.

You need to protect yourself from being hurt.

Mending a broken heart is more complicated than repairing a physical injury.

The good part of being hurt is that you realize how strong you are.

All these hurt quotes show us that people who hurt you are not worthy of your love and affection. Also, it is alright to feel sad and depressed. But this should not bring your life to a standstill. You need to move on with strength and determination.

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