30 Quotes to Help You Handle Disappointment

Even though no one wants it, more often than not we get disappointed in life. For some, there are unfulfilled expectations while other things didn’t turn out the way they expected. But after all, when it is all said and done, those disappointments often teach us lessons. We bring you some disappointment quotes and the lessons each of them teaches.

Handling disappointment is not possible if you keep denying it happened.

To avoid disappointment, work hard!

When viewed as a part of life, setbacks are easier to cope with.

You can’t lead without having to cope with setbacks.

There is a light at the end of every tunnel.

Disappointments will always make you more resilient.

Be determined to rise up after every disappointment.

No one is as trustworthy as God is.

When life knocks us down, we can always turn to God.

Life isn’t a bed of roses.

Disappointments only lead to a breakthrough in life.

Expectations only lead to disappointments.

After experiencing a disappointing situation, don’t give up.

Getting back up after a setback shows how strong your personality is.

Positive thinking and negativity don’t work together.

After every disappointment, re-strategize and think of the way forward.

Disappointments are only temporary if you don’t give up.

Disappointments shouldn’t deter you from loving deeply.

Motivations can help one get over disappointments.

One cannot go through life without being disappointed.

Defeating the fear within is vital to overcoming setbacks.

Ignorance is the worst form of disappointment.

Getting enough sleep can help avoid much disappointment.

God is the only one that can’t disappoint us.

Don’t be scared of trying new things, you might later regret not trying.

Grabbing opportunities that open up is better than skepticism.

Leave the pains of yesterday behind so you can move forward.

Life is full of ups and downs.

Setbacks only brings out the best in us.

After a major setback in life, it is always best to remain calm.

The best thing anyone can do after a series of disappointment is to learn from it and come out stronger. For that to happen one must sit back and analyze what led to the disappointments and what can be done differently. A review of some of the great quotes about disappointment will help you see the hidden lesson in each disappointment, and in effect propel you to greatness in the future.

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