30+ Quotes on Principal We All Need to Hear

Principal is defined as “first in order of importance.” When we talk about principal, we’re talking about something that holds a lot of value to those involved. Living on principals is something most people will strive for.
For those that have a hard time figuring out what principal means, we’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite principal quotes of all time.

Don’t let small mistakes compromise the ultimate goal.

We must learn to observe, analyze, and test what we know in real time.

Principals often lie at the bottom of the social order.

If you can’t effectively make decisions, you’ll always be a step behind.

Appreciate things while we have them; they won’t last forever.

It’s important to find a balance between what we believe in and what we act on.

We are all on a quest to achieve our principals, whatever they may be.

Life isn’t all black and white, there are some gray areas.

Life is about having fun, yet many of us forget about that!

Sometimes, it takes more courage to face harm than inflict it.

With a dose of accepted humility, we can achieve great things.

Don’t be afraid to change yourself for the better – it’s a part of life!

We rely on possessions to make us happy and satisfied.

Money is important to survive, but it’s not the only thing we need.

Having someone by your side is the principal that keeps love together.

Teachers hold a great responsibility when it comes to inspiring the youth.

To be yourself, you have to be ready to open closed doors.

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it isn’t everything.

There’s more to people than their looks; try getting to actually know them.

When tough times ensue, we must join hands and find a solution together.

When you set out to do something, set out to complete it.

When we put words down on paper and create, beautiful things are made.

We are all in a constant battle, but we can always overcome it.

Not taking care of your health will come back to haunt you.

Education leads us to what we are most passionate about.

There isn’t always a hidden meaning behind everything we see.

War will never amount to anything positive in this world.

Don’t let technology destroy relationships with those closest to you!

Sometimes, we are left with a choice that only we can provide an answer for.

Art can benefit the public in many ways, but none greater than inspiration.

We will sometimes start to neglect our principals in life, but these quotes for principal will help you find inspiration again. Sometimes, all we need is a small reminder.

Next time you see yourself shying away from your principals, think back to your favorite quotes on principal. You can even share them with your friends to help them with a reminder.

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