30+ Quotes on Humility to Inspire You

Only a humble person knows how to be virtuous without the sake of social validation.

The majority of humble people we see today are only humble bragging.

To appreciate others for their virtues and accomplishment, one has to have humility first.

A humble person is always trusted, admired and gets help when needed.

Being humble allows us to look beyond who we are and into what we can do with our abilities.

A humble person takes advantage of others’ feedback and ideas.

If you’re humble, you’ll make up for your weaknesses and mistakes.

Humility allows us to learn from the wisdom and experience of others.

Humility and pride cannot exist in one person at the same time.

Pride makes us forget the blessings we don’t have any control over, but humility reminds us of it.

Being humble is a great attribute to have in yourself and the people around you.

Love makes us humble and vulnerable.

Being humble makes people go out of their way to help you.

Humility protects us from selfishness and arrogance.

Humility allows one to be truthful, no matter what.

No doubt, having humility during your best times is very hard but it’s what separates you from the average.

Being humble and patient allows you to see the mistakes you need to avoid.

Humility takes away our pride and allows us to be proud of ourselves.

A good person must replace his pride with humility, otherwise he isn’t truly good.

Being humble is a sign of wisdom and it leaves you with an advantage every time.

Being humble allows you to be one with yourself without any pride or self-hatred.

To become a humble person, one must first look into his true self and then act accordingly.

All religions teach humility and yet so many religious people lack it.

All great leaders of the past owe their success and fame to their humility.

Without humility, one cannot enjoy the fruits of their achievements fully.

Humbleness during your best times gives you strength for the bad times.

A humble person neither expects others’ appreciation nor is he affected by it.

If you’re aiming to master some skills or knowledge, become humble first.

Being humble doesn’t mean denying your responsibility, it means letting go of what you do not control.

Being humble gives you a kind of power that arrogance cannot deter.

These were our quotes on humility chosen to inspire you during tough times because it is often in these times that we lose hope and start hating ourselves and the people around us. Knowing that it’s not always our fault that we fail or are left by people can help us a great deal in understanding ourselves.

The purpose of these quotes about humility is to inspire you to become humble and learn from the wisdom and experience of others. This is one of the best ways to receive the respect, approval and admiration of the people we look up to for guidance. Remember to show humility to everyone no matter how insignificant he or she may seem to have an impact on your life at that moment. We wish that you have great experiences in your future and that you stay humble when you succeed.

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