30 Quotes and Sayings About Chances

Life is an attempt to make the best out of the given chances. You can observe that there are only a few people who avail every chance in life at best. However, there’s always the “re-do” option in life for those who have missed their first chance. Life is harsh, but it never stops giving new chances to those who seek new opportunities. If you are willing to learn more about opportunities in life, have a look at famous quotes about chances.

Read our collection of “if you give me a chance” quotes and motivate yourself to do the best in your life.

You can’t find your soulmate without giving people a chance.

There’s always a second chance after a heartbreak.

Temptation doesn’t give a second chance.

If you get a second chance, work harder.

Never miss a second chance in life.

Never give someone too many chances.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Necessity gives rise to new chances.

The second attempt is useless if you don’t use it properly.

Correct your mistakes when you get a second chance.

Do your best to use your second chance.

Don’t judge anyone before knowing them.

Turn your chances into good fortune.

Proper planning will help you take advantage of your chances.

You can create as many opportunities as you want.

Grab your chance because opportunities are hard to come by.

Don’t miss too many chances in your life.

Everybody loves second chances in life.

Nobody deserves your too many chances.

Take a chance if you want to do something in life.

Boredom comes from not taking chances.

You are wasting your dreams by not taking chances.

Sometimes, people deserve a second chance in life.

God gives everyone a second chance.

Every person alive has a second chance.

Short days are proof of utilizing life in the best way.

Never stop taking chances.

Big changes are like a second chance in life.

Not every second chance ends well.

Perfectionists don’t need a second chance.

Life is like a station, and you see a new bus every now and then. These buses are like chances. If you have missed a bus, you can take the next, but missing too many buses will run you out of time. It’s hard to forget the missed opportunities in life, but you admit that there would be a lot of depressed and bored people if there are no chances in life.

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