30 Quotes About Loving Your Country

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Patriotism is national pride. It’s the feeling of being devoted to your country and vigorously supporting it. Proud of my country quotes are a collection of the best patriotic quotes.

Read these love for country quotes and find out why patriotism is important for protecting and preserving the nation.

Patriotism is a permanent dedication to your country.

Patriotism overrules government.

When citizens are united, there’s no wrong that cannot be fixed.

Extreme patriotism can be harmful.

A country’s flag is an embodiment of its history.

By looking out for yourself, you’re looking out for your country.

Never forget your roots and show understanding towards everyone.

Be loyal to your country, not to the institutions running it.

Love for your country doesn’t mean love for the president.

Injustice in your own country hurts the most.

Ask yourself how you can contribute to your country.

It’s nice to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.

Real patriotism is expressed through making your country better.

You will appreciate your country more after residing in a foreign one.

People who make a real impact don’t rely solely on money.

Humanism at its best.

A country remains free as long as its citizens are brave.

Loving your country doesn’t necessarily mean supporting your government.

Love for your native country makes you the best cosmopolite.

What makes a nation united is a common past.

Love your country, as well as the others.

Serving your country till the last breath is a noble mission.

It’s our duty to make our countries a good place to love in for everyone.

You will love your country even more once you understand that it’s completely yours.

Sacrificing yourself for your country is a noble act.

People who love their country are the ones who can change it.

Every country will become more developed eventually.

Love your country, but don’t do it blindly.

Love your country because it’s yours.

Love of one’s country keeps patriotism glowing.

Proud of my country quotes show us what real patriotism is. It is the love for your country and the sense of belonging to your nation. Striving to make your country better is the most patriotic act that one can do.

Share these quotes about loving your country and inspire others to be united as a nation.

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