30 Quotes About Integrity to Inspire You to Be Honest and Truthful

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. At times, honesty might not seem like the easiest and the most straightforward way, but only a person of integrity knows that it is the right way. Although it seems like a straightforward thing, there are only a handful of people around us who possess true integrity.

Given below are some of the best quotes on integrity. Reflect upon them, and become the change you want to see in the world.

Integrity backed with resolve dictates your character, and your character defines you.

If you do not have integrity, none of your other virtues matter.

Integrity is a priceless quality, and is the basis for true service.

Integrity from the most basic level of the home makes for a strong nation.

Knowing the right thing to do is not enough; integrity makes you see it through.

People of integrity, even if unsuccessful, will always be looked up to as exemplary inspirations.

Integrity is the most important, priceless quality.

A leader must be an example of unbiased, continual integrity.

A leader must first stand out by being full of integrity.

Integrity once lost is hard to regain.

Integrity is the backbone of all healthy relationships.

The hallmark of any leader is his shrewdness and integrity.

Integrity and truthfulness give you peace of mind.

Integrity brings peace of mind and conscience.

Integrity is the courage to keep to your ideals.

Integrity can help you always do the right things.

The most important things in life are being full of integrity.

The most weighty virtue of them all is integrity.

Stand true to what you believe.

A living conscience is the best judge.

A person of integrity is first answerable to his or herself and then to anyone else.

Your conscience is a great judge of your actions; your state of mind its verdict.

Principles are objectively pre-defined by a person of integrity.

Integrity is not something to be achieved; it is a continuous, never failing process.

A man of integrity never backs off from his word.

Integrity gives you the courage to accept your faults.

A person with integrity is predictable and trustworthy.

Integrity is the true definition of character.

True integrity exists at the very core of a person.

To learn, be truthful, and be full of integrity are the complete set on a character.

Thus, we see that a person of integrity is a person of high moral and ethical values. His or her actions are not motivated by any personal gains or benefits they wish to gain, but by the moral integrity which they develop. In these times of moral turpitude, we need people who value these virtues. We all can be these very people and we hope that these integrity quotes will serve as a beacon of light in guiding you towards ethical and moral correctness.

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