30 Quotes About Ideas That Will Get You Thinking

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There is nothing more powerful in the world than a brilliant idea. All great changes begin with an idea. Unfortunately, most people lack the ability to think outside the box. We hope these ideas quotes will inspire you to put your thinking cap on.

Here is our selection of quotes about ideas.

Greatness begins with the conception of an idea.

All ideas deserve to be explored.

Words and ideas have the power to transform the world.

There isn’t a more dangerous weapon than knowledge and ideas.

You can kill a person, but not an idea.

Only a strong person dares to turn his idea into reality.

Ideas should be dangerous and revolutionary.

Don’t waste your time gossiping; utilize it for exploring ideas.

A man of integrity sticks will defend his idea.

We all have our own unique ideas about happiness.

Sometimes it takes just one new idea to completely change your life.

Stop your enemies from coming up with new ideas.

Most great entrepreneurial ideas don’t sound promising in the beginning.

Success requires exploring different ideas and dare to fail.

Wit helps us connect ideas.

An executed idea is more valuable than a potential one.

Few people can turn ideas into success stories.

The creation of a great idea marks the beginning of good fortune.

Success is the ability to turn ideas into reality.

All great ideas seem insane at first.

Great ideas are more powerful than an army.

One great idea is all you need.

People adore their own ideas.

Every idea paves its own path.

All innovative ideas seem foolish at first.

Some people hate new ideas with a passion.

Even an insincere man can come up with a brilliant idea.

Refining an idea produces great results.

Financial freedom comes from great ideas and solutions.

Smart people believe in their ideas, not in the possibility of failure.

These ideas quotes show us how powerful some ideas can really be. To come up with new ideas, we have to be willing to let go of our old ways of thinking. There should be a willingness to question the norms and what’s taken for granted. Don’t worry about appearing foolish or silly to others – all great ideas are ridiculed in the beginning.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of quotes on ideas. eRecht

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