30 Quotations for Teachers’ Day

The contributions made by teachers can never be overlooked in our country. Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5th September every year, which marks the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was a great support to the educational system at the time. We can give a token of appreciation to the teachers on Teachers’ Day, or we can gift them along with a quote for Teachers’ Day.

Here are some inspirational quotes that each expresses thought for Teachers’ Day.

The responsibility of a teacher is to make children grow better.

A teacher sacrifices herself to help us in the long run.

A teacher will always do what’s best for us.

A teacher imparts moral values and ethics to her students.

Teachers will always protect us and support us.

A teacher identifies our weaknesses and our fears.

A great teacher leads us to our success.

An ideal teacher gives you an opportunity to answer your own questions.

The best teacher helps you find the right path, but never tells you what to do.

When a teacher loves to teach, her students will enjoy studying.

A teacher’s influence can accompany you throughout your life.

There are very few teachers who actually inspire us.

An ideal teacher always has the answer to all the questions.

A good teacher teaches us how to learn.

Teachers bring out the best in every child.

It takes patience to manage a bunch of students at the same time.

A teacher helps the students discover themselves.

A teacher’s job is to plant a tree of knowledge in a child’s mind.

Teachers inspire students to be who they want to be.

Only good teachers teach you how to think.

A teacher not only makes us a successful person, but also a unique person.

An ideal teacher is someone who teaches practical knowledge to the students.

A teacher always cares about her students.

A teacher is able to see each child’s future potential.

A great teacher aims at changing the lives of individuals.

A teacher does not need an award, but a teacher always deserves appreciation.

The influence of teaching has no limits.

Teachers make education alive.

A good teacher leads us to find out new things about ourselves.

God can’t be everywhere, so he created teachers.

It’s rightly said that technology can never replace teachers. Teachers are the ones who stand shoulder to shoulder with their students. Only a teacher knows how he or she can inculcate moral values and ethics in students. A teacher is considered to be the backbone of the entire nation, someone who devotes his or her entire life to make the future generations educated.

Share the above Teachers’ Day quotes with your favorite teacher!

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