30 Most Interesting Science Quotes to Expand Your Knowledge

Science never fails to surprise us with its endless wonders. No one can deny that science is the basis of everything in our modern life, and without science, life would be a lot harder. The following quotes about science will further expand your knowledge around the concept of the word “science”.

Imagination is the secret behind every scientific discovery.

We should be proud of the way science makes us feel.

The universe is a mesmerizing puzzle for science.

Only a fool fails to realize the significance of science.

Science is an adventure towards a better future.

Without discipline, there is no science.

Credit for scientific discovery doesn’t always go to the right people.

Classics are for past references, whilst science is for future creations.

Science is about having the correct mindset.

It is unreasonable to utilize science without wisdom.

Science and religion are two sides of the same coin.

In science, some rules are meant to be strictly followed.

Science is a combination of knowledge and thinking.

Science brings a unique sweetness that cannot be expressed in words.

Science is all about new opportunities for the future.

Money is never the motivation behind true science, curiosity is.

All modern science is based on imagination.

Science brings predictability to the unknown future.

Science is based on reality.

Science, in a way, proves that magic is real.

Scientific knowledge is not the same as words of wisdom.

Every scientific idea was once a mere thought.

Science is the reason why everything makes sense.

In science, objectivity is paramount.

Science has helped to reduce man’s fear of the natural world.

Observation is the core of science.

Science is an international language that everyone should be able to speak.

Science will always reveal the truth, whether you like it or not.

Science is basically a disciplined form of common sense.

Great progress in science must be accompanied by fear.

Science is how men explain the mysteries of the universe. It replaces fear and superstition with logic and reason, and use the findings to benefit the humankind. As you can see from the above quotes, some of the best observations about life have come from scientists!

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