30 Lawyer Quotes You Need to Read Before Visiting a Legal Practitioner

There are very few professions in society as respectable as lawyers. But there is a lot of controversy surrounding this profession too. These lawyer quotes are strong evidence of the mixed feelings that exist around lawyers. We are positive that you will find the right quote from this collection to share your feelings about lawyers. 

A good lawyer only gives up when it’s advantageous for him.

Perseverance is an important virtue for a lawyer.

A good lawyer respects the process and strives to be fair and just.

A respectable lawyer helps people who need help the most.

Many people rely on lawyers to figure out how they can achieve something.

Never hide anything from your lawyer.

Good lawyers get much of their business and skill from working for bad people.

A good lawyer needs to understand justice as well as the law.

A good lawyer is able to read people and take swift action.

Legal order is protected by lawyers.

A lawyer can be helpful in so many situations.

Don’t believe every rumor you hear about lawyers.

You always hope that your opponent has a worse lawyer than you do.

Lawyers use complex language that can often be confusing to laymen.

Some lawyers have an inflated sense of their own intelligence.

People often avoid lawyers until they have to depend on them.

A lawyer can even make you believe a lie.

A lawyer’s connections can play a huge role in his/her success.

A lawyer can be a balm to your soul.

A lawyer plays a small but crucial role in the justice system.

Learning to compromise is a better way to resolve conflicts than any other.

Lawyers can see the worst the world has to offer.

A good lawyer considers a case from both sides.

A decent lawyer knows when to stop talking.

A person can’t be a good lawyer without courage.

A good lawyer knows how to persuade others to his/her point of view.

Discipline is very important for lawyers.

While ignorance of the law can lead to punishment for many.

Many lawyers avoid talking about the money they make from their cases and clients.

Lawyers cannot do their jobs without hurting someone from time to time.

Being a lawyer is not an easy job. These lawyer quotes clearly show that they know that when they help one person, they may be harming another. But lawyers are an extremely important part of our justice system. So, don’t forget to share an advocate status for your friend to express how you feel.

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