30 Inspiring Grand Opening Quotes and Starting Quotes

Grand opening quotes differ in many different ways, depending on the circumstances and purposes. The inauguration quotes given by presidents of the United States of America in their opening addresses may or may not be useful for the opening of a shop or an entertainment event. Yet, they must all be inspiring, as shown below.

It’s the curiosity that leads to many more grand openings.

It’s better to say what you have to say before taking any questions.

The importance of a good opening can be seen in any professional medium.

The grand opening of a company should be conducted only for good reasons.

Nobody can shy away from their responsibilities to themselves and others.

The grand opening should mark the beginning of renewed dedication.

It’s always good to look at what you can do to improve things.

With the right leadership, the good can always defeat or heal the bad.

Sometimes, the most basic question is the most important one.

A free society must work for the betterment of everyone in order to survive.

There is nothing to fear other than the concept of it.

Sometimes the cure seems to be worse than the problem.

Having an equal friendship with everyone is the best way to accomplish anything.

We must ensure righteousness in the way God shows us.

Never hesitate to give it everything you have and stand up for the right causes.

It’s okay to be not so good at something, so accept it.

Asking for peace is in no way a sign of weakness.

One can’t go on forever prioritizing small interests all the time.

It’s always great to be humble and remember the past in a grand opening speech.

If you have the choice to be positive or negative, be positive.

Leaders are the ones that inspire others to accomplish beyond their limits.

Stop thinking about individual credit and you will achieve a lot more.

If you are a doer, you are sure to make some mistakes along the way.

We can’t contain our excitement to see you all here.

Isn’t it amazing to see your plan turning into an enjoyable reality?

What more could we ask for than this pleasant, sunny weather?

Do everything you have to do to make every day a memorable one.

Even if you are thinking all nonsense, it’s better than becoming mired in thought.

No matter what, the anchor will keep you safe.

We can act as anchors for each other.

Inspiring, diverse, and fit for many different purposes – our collection of grand opening quotes are certainly the best you can find on the internet. They are so good that every one of them could be used as part of the starting quotes for anchoring an event, any event. So, keep your notebooks handy.

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