30 Hard-hitting Devil Quotes That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Evil is hard to spot: even harder to overcome. Many people are unable to identify the devil around them and end up submitting to his whims. For anyone looking to stay clear of evil thoughts – reading these quotes about the devil can be helpful.

This is why we’ve rounded up the top 30 devil captions for you.

Following the devil will only lead to your own destruction.

There’s an evil side to all of us.

The devil comes in disguise. Don’t be fooled!

Sometimes, evil dwells in what presents itself as good.

Not taking sides between good or bad is equivalent to siding with the devil.

The devil commands respect in ways you can’t imagine.

The devil lies within us. It’s all about not letting him dominate you.

It’s your own ignorance that will help the devil defeat you.

We tantalize the devil by giving in to our own wrongful urges.

Love defeats evil-like no other.

The devil plays with our minds, hearts, and souls.

Always choose the side that contradicts evil.

Through evil, hell awaits. Hell, the home of serpents.

The difference between angels and the devil is their holiness.

Pride is a trait of the devil. Stay clear of it.

If you submit to your evil desires, you’re succumbing to the devil.

Be aware, the devil comes in the form of anyone or anything in your life.

The devil knows when we are at our weakest point in life.

Don’t let anger be the reason you give in to the devil.

It’s hard to spot evil, but don’t be fooled into thinking it doesn’t exist.

The devil wants you to take the toll of his actions.

You’re not likely to recognize the wrongfulness in your own desires.

Evil will always be temporarily beneficial for you.

An idle is the devil’s workshop.

Haste is a form of evil.

The devil will fool your eyes and corrupt your mind.

If you don’t decide what you want in life, the devil will do it for you.

If you can identify the devil, then you can defeat him.

Stay wary of the devil at all times.

The devil will pounce at the first opportunity to corrupt you.

The devil has set camp all around you. If you’re unable to see what form he enters your life, your faith and souls are in danger. We hope that our top 30 devil captions will help you defeat the devil and emerge triumphant in life.

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